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TCMS Wants

After some IRC discussions it became apparent we needed a place to discuss our wants/needs. This page can act as a sandbox to document all the things we want in a Test Case Management System. Feel free to add whatever you can think of as being useful.


These are common sense
I'm just putting them here in an effort to be thorough. I'm presuming the "product" would just be "Fedora," but that would be another thing we might want to track.
  • Display Testcases
    • Add testcases
    • Edit testcases
    • Remove testcases
    • Associate with h/w (or other useful metadata)
  • Store Results
    • Allow results to be entered
    • Allow results to be associated with a Testcase
    • Allow results to be edited (by admin, original reporter)
    • Associate with bug reports
    • Display results
  • Milestones (Events)
    • Associate results with milestones
  • Stats
    • Coverage
    • Historical Averages
  • API
    • some means of getting sensible data out of it programmatically.
  • Web based UI
    • Possible to enter results
    • Possible to see statistics

Ideas for look/feel

This is very rough and doesn't have anything refined :)

  • Overview of all testcases
  • Expand a testcase idea (after you click a testcase)
Expand on click
  • Overlay idea (after you click a testcase)
Overview on click