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R. Scott Domowicz, MBA, MIOS Program Director, Department Chair: Network & Database Profeesional Degree Program Erie Institute of Technology 940 Millcreek Mall Erie, PA 16565

As Prgram Director and Department Chair I have the responsibility of determning curiculum requirments for the degree programs offered by the Computer Science Department of our institution. Linux Administration, and in particular Fedora, play a major role in the education process provided to our students. 120 hours of Linux Administration is now a prerequist for graduation. Linux is also incorporated into the curiculum of many other required courses including Network Security, Network Design, Database Administration, Web Administration, Virtual Office, Remote Access and PHP Scripting.

As Linux continues to become more main stream, and is deployed by more businesses as an alternative to the Windows environment, I feel it is inparative to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to deploy and administer a Linux environment. As a result, our curiculum will continue to evolve and reflect the growing acceptance of Linux as both a SOHO and Enterprise solution.