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Welcome to my page!

Hello Fedora Community,

I am Ryan Gauger, a Fedora and computer hobbyist. I contribute to the Fedora Design Team, and I am interested in web design, graphic design, and computer support.

I am a blogger, and am homeschooled. I am currently a band member of Nashville Notes Homeschool Band, a homeschool band in Tennessee, United States. The link to Nashville Notes Blog, my blog, is While the content has nothing to do with Fedora, it is a sample of some of my writing skills. I am known as Treble Clef Barry on my blog.

I write articles for Jonathan's Arrow, a Middle Tennessee Home Education Association magazine published bi-monthly.

I am also interested in being in the Fedora Magazine Contributors Group.

That's pretty much the whole enchilada!

Contact Info

If you would like to contact me, please use email: [1] OR Email

Other Links

My blog: Nashville Notes Blog
Nashville Notes Homeschool Band Website: [2]