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Emil Tullstedt

Hello! I am a young geek (born on 178 September 1993)[1] from Sweden. I've been using Linux since 2007 starting with Ubuntu but eventually moving more towards OpenSuSE and Fedora due to the upstream-ish nature off the later two.

When it comes to Linux, I generally likes systems but focus somewhat on deployment and the web.


  • Email:
  • IRC: sakjur
  • GPG key: Remind me if you need it! Haven't got it available ATM.
  • Fedora Account: sakjur

Activities within Fedora

  • At the moment I observe the community until I've found a nice warm and comfy spot to lie down in and start contributing :-)
  • Perhaps doing some work on deployment toolkits..
  • Helping newbies getting started with Linux and CLI:s :-)