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Rahul Sundaram posted a mail to the fedora-india list aimed at gathering a feedback about the FOSS.IN 2009 presence of Fedora. The table below attempts to list out the salient points of the responses and, put some action items wherever possible.

Name Feedback Action Item Owner
Rahul Sundaram meeting people works,more focus on presence and swag, list of easy tasks are important, current team is well-rounded but needs smaller task list for easy coaching, knowing and using Bugzilla keywords are important
Susmit Shannigrahi concern over absence of new faces, meeting people works, swag focus
Aanjhan R assess return on time/effort invested, investigate low PoTD attendance, how did current contributors begin, choose easier "upstreams" with local developers, expedite reviews for "First Time Packagers"
Shakthi Kannan creating awareness is important
Kedar Sovani workouts with specific small,easy tasks and goals are nice to have
Steven Fernandez delay in package review/packaging help is a turn-off
Rakesh Pandit Packaging SIG discussed queue priority long time ago, no further action taken Two things which can be done are 1) Call up sig meet and discuss 2) Make up a team of reviewer (non sponsors also) who can keep on doing unoffical reviews and help in process for new contributors.

Please try and identify Action Items that are relevant with your feedback and, if possible take ownership.