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Thomas Gilliard

Bellingham Wa. USA
Retired and a Volunteer for

Education and work

BA Geology Franklin and Marshall College
MS Geological Oceanography- University of Hawaii - Hawaii Institute of Geophysics (Manoa)
Also installed Satellite Networking Antennas and electronics in State of Hawaii for HNS (Hughes Network Systems) -

Computers Available for Testing

  1. MacBookProi7 (OSX)
  2. Penguin Libre GNU/Linux Notebook (Trisquel 5.5)
  3. Acer Aspire ONE N450 (no hard disk installed) for USB testing
  4. XO-1 G1G1 Version
  5. XO-1.5
  6. XO-1.75
  7. XO-4.0
  8. TrimSlicePro with solid state HD that I am currently testing.
  9. Intense PC 4GB STD with Linux with HD
  10. TrimSlice h with HD
  11. MSI Wind Box (2)Used for Bios Boot testing.
  12. Yoga Pro 2 with M$ 8.1 with VirtualBox & Used for UEFI testing

Volunteer Work

  • My main volunteer work is in testing and annotating wiki pages for sugarlabs:
(This includes tutorials consisting of annotated screenshots to introduce sugar features to new users.)
Keeping track and test all of the OS's that run Sugar-Desktop
Writing Virtual Box Importable Appliances for users to use to run sugar-desktop
Testing SoaS Spin in fedora-qa
  • I have Helped test f17-f21 with #fedora-qa; particularly writing of USB versions of Desktop; Soas; and DVD (Bios boot and EFI boot )