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Stanislaus Martins

  • Email: [[MailTo(olumartins AT gmail DOT com)]
  • Fedora Account: shaiguy
Insight Communications Ltd
17/19 Oduduwa Street,
GRA, Ikeja,
DL: 234-1-8989193, 234-8033051621, 234-8028992125

Stanislaus Martins is the Lead IT administrator in a top advertising agency in Nigeria. I started playing with linux since red hat 7.2 while still in college. However since taken up my new appointment i have taken on linux more seriously as a way of saving cost for my agency. My investments in linux has been really worthwhile has i have been able to deploy a couple of linux based solutions.

My linux based servers are the most stable and have actually won me accolades at work. Simply put i love my linux, it just works---all the time. Am still learning and have been using fedora since core 3 and decided to join the ambassadors group to future broaden my reach of linux.

I currently work with various flavours of linux and have at one time actually held a linux introduction class at my home where i distributed a couple of live cds to participants (7 in all)

I just started a blog at """" where i intend to spend my time talking about fedora linux and my life in general, the blog will target as its audience the nigerian populace i intend to attempt to wet their appetite with juicy fedora bits. Will keep you posted.

Proposed seminar / Workshop

Been tossing the idea of a fedora seminar here in Nigeria, but my limitation has always been a lack of time. I am finally less tied up at work and hoping to devote more time to my fedora initaitive, if all goes well i should be able to pull something up before the end of the year. And am hoping it would be really big, all ideas and guides would be totally appreciated, for those of you that have done something similar, how did you go about it.

I will keep you posted about it at my blog.


SO i wasn't able to carry out my project as planned in 2006 but i haven't lost hope. Am giving the whole initative another go, same concept, more zeal this time around. Been able to lay my hands on bout 100 sets of Fedora cds(downloaded offline and burnt to cd personally) which i intend to distribute at the seminar. Also got a couple of computers and 2 laptops, a projector. Am looking for a venue, speakers and other partners that are willing to help out. Please find out more from my blog at """". The location is in Nigeria. I also have a company setup now, 24cube, specializing entirely in open source solutions to home and smes. please check it out at """"