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Cleaning fedora projects

Default of maintainers or project to check

This refers to the trans and devel mailing list threads.

Anyone could check those projects, please help.


  • [M] means no maintainers found (I don't count the FLSCo ones, that have probably helped on the move from our own instance). Avoided ones are: 'diegobz', 'raven', 'glezos'
  • [D] means the source language has not been updated for a long time (4 months in this list). It is against all resources on one project. docs.fpo/guides are not relevant here. If the project has received translations since then, that would be great to update the RPM.

Your project could stay like that if no new developments, be removed if translations have moved somewhere else, be improved if you change your workflow to le translator do their duty.

Grouping projects on the hub or transifex release

Under, a translator could see what to translate in two ways:

The problem is that some projects are in the hub but not in any Fedora release. Therefore we could miss them. While some others are in one of The Fedora release (web, docs) but not in the Fedora Hub. And we have some third parties projects in any of those ones.

Since all sub-projects on a hub have to use their parents ACLs, there is no point to remove active projects from a release.

Here are some details:

Projects under the Fedora Hub but not in any releases

This is not wrong if we don't want translators to work on that (i.e. deprecated content). But this is wrong for active projects.

Projects under a Fedora Release but not in the main Fedora Hub

This is not wrong if they want to have handle teams by themself (not using the Fedora one). But that should be only for fedora-upstream-project, right? In those projects a Fedora team can't translate, that's quite bad.

Only in the fedora-main release

Lost projects

Those project are not linked to Fedora in the platform, not from the fedora hub, neither on any fedora release.

  • Packet that Fedora translators have translated in the past should probably be linked.

But where (Fedora HUB = taking fedora teams), fedora-main release or fedora-upstream release?

If wee don't link theme, then we won't be able to assure correct translations!

A not exhaustive list.

Dunno where to translate theme

Following projets are there cause checked during test days. Should be in fedora-main release (if using

  • im-chooser RH/zanata
  • im-setting RH/zanata
  • kexec-tools RHBZ #808419 RH/zanata
  • policycoreutils. Don't appear to pull translations from anywhere. see.RHBZ #808420. Now in fedora-main.
  • smolt RHBZ #799546 -- Now deprecated
  • switchdesk RHBZ #799548
  • system-config-language in RH/zanata --Shaiton 10:54, 30 March 2012 (UTC) just received confirmation @trans
  • system-config-netboot. Seems to be a dead package.
  • usermode RHBZ #799550. in fedora-main

Dead projects ?

TXN limitations

  • special characters not displayed in suggestions (CR, non breakable spaces…)
  • we loose suggestion/history while translating offline
  • proofreading is not useful, the team coordinator should decide either the maintainer DL proofread only or not (team specific, they don't need to know)
  • sorting resources is broken, scroll bar is slow
  • the lock time is to small, there could be a "unlock request" sending a notification to the coordinator and the locker
  • on the translators credits (Last Translator gettext header), the maintainer appears, which is wierd
  • we can't easily add a whole project to a release (see fedora-docs, that's huge and unmaintainable (if new files appears, we don't know)
  • No FAS login (OpenID?)
  • /me has to see his active tickets…