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Shiraz MALIK

Computer Engineer with Masters in Data Communication and Networks

I am a Linux enthusiast and I am working on Linux for almost 10 years. I started off with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2 and then moved on to Fedora later on.

I am basically a networking professional working at HP Networking for 5 years and I am very passionate about my job. I am working a 3rd tier support engineer and I am part of the global team looking after all the HP Networking (ProCurve, H3C, 3Com) customers worldwide. I think Linux go really well with Networking and makes my job a lot more fun to do. Since it is also my craze to work on Linux, I enjoy it even more.

I am very passionate about Linux (Fedora in particular - that's why I am here) and I truly believe that this is one of the best things happened to the mankind. I love reading / listening anything about Linux and any chance where I could jump on to a webcast and listen to some Linux folk or grab a magazine to read about some new Linux apps, I don't miss it. I am a huge huge fan of Linus and I follow his blog religiously.


  • Country: Netherlands

Activities within Fedora

  • I am big time supporter of Linux and though I run almost all major distributions in my virtualbox, my host is always Fedora. I started my Linux life in 2003 with RHEL2 and then moved to Fedora when "moonshine" was released.
  • I love creating some how-to's for people who need help with Linux and I really enjoy doing that. I also wrote an article on on how to install Linksys USB wireless adaptor on RHEL5.
  • I am preacher of Fedora and in my work environment, I am well known Fedora user.
  • I log quite a few bugzilla reports and I don't miss a chance to report any bug I find on my Fedora. I work actively with the developer till the issue is resolved. It really gives me a feeling of contribution towards building a stable Fedora.
  • I am part of some Fedora mailing-lists to keep myself up-to-date on the current happenings.
  • My laptop has a big Fedora sticker on the back of the lid and I make sure I show it off whenever I am in public. (sounds stupid but if you feel the same about Linux as I do, you'll know what I am talking about :-))


  • LPIC - 1 (Linux Professional Institute)
  • CCNP (Cisco)
  • Novell CLA - 11 (Novell)


  • IEEE member
  • Linux Foundation
  • Free Software Foundation