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Dhaval Soni

About me

Hello friends,

I have been a big fan of GNU/Linux and FOSS in general, and Red Hat and Fedora Linux in particular, since my college days. I believe Software should be Free (Free as in Free speech) and Open. This enables users understand what exactly they want from the software and accordingly they can modify the software. I started with Fedora Core 6 and have been using Linux on the desktop ever since. After years of benefiting from GNU/Linux, I want to contribute something in return.

As an IT professional, I am very interested in promoting open source software as a means to help people to communicate via the Internet. I see computers as tools to enrich people's lives and effect positive changes in society.

I try and spread the awareness among my fellow mates of the availability of such a system and persuade them to switch over. I believe that one should promote the use of Free and Open Source Software and let the knowledge be open to all.

I would like to contribute towards Open Source in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me.


  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Air Rifle Shooter ( 10 mtr, 25 mtr and 50 mtr )
  • RHCA: Red Hat Certified Architect
  • RHCSS: Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
  • RHCDS: Red Hat Certified Data Center Specialist
  • RHCE: Red Hat Certified Engineer

Verify it on: with id: 804007900325939

Get In Touch

  • Call: +1-925.965.0801
  • Email: sonidhaval AT gmail DOT com
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