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Sheng-Feng Chen
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Sheng-Feng Chen

My name is Sheng-Feng Chen (陳勝豐). I born in Taipei city, Taiwan.


Do not send letters to unused mailbox


Programming: C + + / MFC / GTK + / C # / Java / VB, Windows / Embedded-linux, Android

Jobs: System Analysis / System Architecture Design, Consultant, Project Management

DataBase: MsSQL, MySQL, Access

Domain: Network Programming / Video Surveillance / DVR,NVR,IP-Cam / CMS System Design

Component design: OCX / VCL

Hardware Design: OrCAD, PADS, ARM Embedded

Other: GUI Design, SDK Integration


  • Location: Taipei city, Taiwan.
  • Language: Chinese (Traditional), English.
  • E-mail: sparklerchen AT gmail Dot com