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Steven Susbauer

Private pilot, scuba diver, computer geek and all-around friendly guy.

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA (Portland-metro). Mixed-OS System Administrator looking to get involved in a thriving community and learn far more about Fedora. Advanced Linux user for 10 years or so, primarily Debian. Experience with Gentoo, Arch, Ubuntu and SUSE. Some experience with Ubuntu packaging.


  • Email:
  • IRC: Scuba/Stupendoussteve - ##Linux, #Fedora, #Fedora-admin
  • GPG key: 06131A88
  • Fedora Account: ssusbauer

Activities within Fedora

Baby steps to lasting contributions.

Goals for contributing, noticeably lacking a timeline:

Through contributions I'd like to learn more technologies in general, right now git, puppet and more python are up there on the list. I'm not super interested in actual code though, I'm much more of an admin than a software developer, but automation is good!