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I have been a Fedora user since Fedora 7. Then I was simply messing around with a new thing. When Fedora 12 came about, I devoted my personal desktop to it. Now, I use Fedora for all my everyday tasks. I'm pretty loyal to KDE. Some of my favorite applications are Firefox, Blogilo, Kontact, Kopete, BibleTime, DigiKam, KSnapshot, Amarok, K3b, and Dragon Player. I also use LibreOffice.

What else can I tell you? The folks at the Fedora Forums [1] have been my lifeline many times. They are the ones who helped me, in the beginning, to transition from the other popular OS to Linux.

So, a little about me now. I have 3 kids heading to junior college in the fall. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I commute about 700 miles a week to work and back. Never fear. I have an economy car that lightens my commuting impact.

I'm glad to be a part of the Fedora community. I can be contacted via e-mail ( and you can read some of my silly musings at my Blogspot blog [2].