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Derek Piazza

The Proliant
Derek in High School
  • Fedora Ambassador

System's Specs:

  • Proliant DL 380 G1, Dual PIII 750 MHZ, 512 MB of Ram, 73 GB Raid, Currently Running CentOS 5.2
  • Sony Vaio, 1.49 GHz, 757.11 MB Ram (TrixBox)
  • iMac DV, G4 400MHz, 256 MB of Ram, Currently running Fedora 9 (Running personal email server)
  • Mac Mini, G4 1.25, 512 MB of Ram, Currently running Fedora 9 (Personal Computer)

About Derek

It all started with the Apple IIe. Then it exploded from there. I was always interested in computers. In my senior year of high school I was running BBS out of my parents house. It was running off a Performa 640CD.

In high school I ran and sat up two computer labs. I ran a lab with original iMac's (picture to the right). At that time, I was still afraid of linux. I was still a fan of the GUI. ;)

In recent years, I moved out of "the geek world". About 4 months ago I got back in to things. I thought that I would do it the right way. One day I got a free server from a friend and thought that I would mess around with Linux. And I am having a blast with it! I run my own domain, email, web server, VoIP and a personal Wiki page for fun.

I look forward to serving the Fedora/Linux community!