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This test case ensures that the user is able to boot the newest shim bootloader on UEFI. The USB stick imaged with today's special test ISO contains the shim bootloader we want to test. It won't be installed.


Flash an USB drive with one of the Fedora 34 special test images

How to test

  1. Flash any USB with with either of the special test day ISO images.
  2. Boot a computer with UEFI firmware using this USB stick.

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run. Be brief ... but explicit.

  1. You see the GRUB menu (shim works!)
  2. You see the kernel boot scroll text (GRUB works!)
  3. Get to a shell and confirm the following
    1. Secure Boot enabled/disabled is the same as before you booted the USB stick using:
mokutil --sb-state