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ripgrep a command line tool in the tradition of grep. It is optimized for searching large directories of files using parallelism out of the box. It recursively searches your current directory by default. This utility automatically skips files matching a pattern in your .gitignore files (this option can be disabled). ripgrep supports file type filtering and the full gamut of Unicode, while remaining fast. It can even automatically search compressed files.

How to test

  1. Execute with sudo or root dnf install ripgrep
  2. Create one or multiple files with some word in common
  3. Execute rg -i [word]

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run. Be brief ... but explicit.

  1. Step #1 should execute without error
  2. Step #3 should show the file name, the searched text and corresponding line numbers of matches found.


Download compressed files and use rg to search for something.