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This test case validates the availability of different IDEs on a Silverblue system.


  1. Start with a fully updated Silverblue system.
  2. Pick any one of the following IDEs and perform the necessary steps.
    1. VS Code
    2. IntelliJ
    3. Rstudio
    4. Sublime

How to test

Execute the following:

  1. Use Software to download and open the application by clicking the Flathub link pointing to it.
  2. Wait for Software to load the details, click install.

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run:

  1. The package is shown in Software.
  2. The right corner of the application page shows that it originates from "Flathub" (if its from Flathub).
  3. The application installs and works flawlessly.


Try as many IDEs as you can and see if they work. Refer to the Test Day wiki and file bugs if things aren't fine.