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This test case will focus on upgrading the rpm-ostree in Silverblue


  1. Download the Fedora 29 Silverblue image here
  2. Boot the iso in VM or Baremetal
  3. Install Fedora Silverblue by making sensible choices using anaconda. If you are opting for manual partitioning, follow the instruction mentioned here
  4. Finish the initial setup

How to test

  1. Open terminal and execute sudo rpm-ostree upgrade
  2. Let it finish
  3. Issue systemctl reboot
  4. After reboot, run sudo rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/30/x86_64/silverblue to perform rebase
  5. Issue systemctl reboot

Expected Results

  1. Step #1 completes without error
  2. The system should reboot
  3. Everything should work fine after reboot