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IRC Nick: sunny_slls

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About me

Hello, I am Sunny Sharma. I am pursuing a B.Tech course in Computer Science And Engineering in Dr. B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur. I am deeply interested in getting involved with the FOSS movement and I am a Fedora user. I am interested in qt programming for gui development. I also love reading story books, watching animated movies and listening to music. As a part of my Engineering syllabus till the 6th semester, I have studied C,C++ and presently I am studying java. I am a member of DGPLUG (Durgapur Linux Users' Group) which is involved in increasing Linux awareness in the locality. It's a long journey ahead and I'm just getting started

Summer Training 08

A big thing that took place in 2008, it was the Summer Training arranged in #dgplug. The summer training proved to be greatly helpful in making me acquainted with various FOSS tools like svn, wiki, mailing lists, blogging,etc. We were taught some basic C, python. We were also taught about the shell, vim, gcc, gdb, etc. It was a great summer.