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Steven Whitehouse

I live in Swansea, UK. I work for Red Hat and my main responsibility is developing the GFS2 filesystem. I'm an electronic engineer by training and I still maintain an interest in signal processing and image compression even though its a long time since I studied that area. I'm an honorary member of the Swansea University Computer Society. I'm a radio amateur with callsign GW7RRM. If you'd like to contact me, then email

Fedora Projects

  • gfs2-utils - Bug fixing/occasional maintenance
  • GFS2 Filesystem kernel code - Maintainer/Author/Bug fixing (F-11 Feature Page)
  • msp430-binutils/gcc - Helping with package review
  • Linux DECnet project - Author and previous maintainer of the kernel code, occasional bug fixing
  • Cornish language translation project

Other projects

Other interests/memberships