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Akashdeep Dhar
Akashdeep Dhar
Personal Information
Birthday: December 12
Home: Pune, India
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: t0xic0der
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: akashdeep DOT dhar AT gmail DOT com
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
IRC: t0xic0der on in
#fedora-join, #fedora-docs
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I am a cybersecurity enthusiast with keen interests in networking, cloud computing, DevOps, and operating systems. I am currently in the final year of my bachelor's degree with computer science as a major specialization and cybersecurity as a minor specialization. I have over five years of experience in using GNU/Linux systems and have made contributions to Fedora made in applications, infrastructure, classrooms, QnA, and documentation so far.

Apart from this, I like to get involved in

  • Developing cool application and service projects by myself
  • Leading the development of projects in the AstroSonic FOSS Community
  • Dampening the learning curve for people new to GNU/Linux
  • Teaching people about programming languages, development practices and DevOps
  • Using COPR to package my projects for RPM-based distributions
  • Tinkering around containerization technologies and internet-of-things project on Raspberry Pi
  • Meeting new people and making bad jokes at Join SIG chat
  • Answering technical questions on Quora
  • Resolving issues and queries on AskFedora

Why Fedora?

I am addicted to distro-hopping (a tendency to not settle for one distribution for long enough and constantly switch to try new features). On one of my distro-hopping endeavors, I was struck by the uniqueness of Fedora with how it embraced the leading edge technologies while being a friendly and conventional point-release based distribution. Since then, I enjoy my newfound home in Fedora Workstation (while occasionally switching back to Arch Linux because of the dependency paranoia)


I am available in these places around the clock.


  • nvidia-auto-installer-for-fedora - A CLI tool which lets you install proprietary NVIDIA drivers and much more easily on Fedora 32 and above (COPR)
  • supervisor - An intuitive remotely-accessible system performance monitoring and task management tool for servers and headless Raspberry Pi setups.