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Pat Kelly

I can be reached at pmkellly AT frontier DOT com.

I am an electrical engineer, but please don't hold that against me. I have experience writing code in many languages from direct machine code in hex (IBM SYS 360 Model 20 to Motorola 68000) and esoteric things like Lisp (SUN, but never had to touch the UNIX). However, C, or it's children were not among them. I am currently an occasional Python user. I am familiar with testing and troubleshooting strategies and techniques, but I've never used automated tools for testing software before this.

I abandon that west coast OS back at F16 time frame and have been a user ever since. Now (09/2017) I've decided I want to help. My experience leads me to believe that QA would be a good place to start. In my carrer I have seen many new engineers sent to the QA lab to work for a year so they would become familiar with the details of the product systems. Perhaps that will work for me in this new context.

Currently (02/05/2019) I think I have learned a lot thanks to all the patient people here that have taken time to help. I still have a long way to go before I'll be ready to help much troubleshooting.

Starting with F30 I have been testing the Rawhide drops that have gotten by the proposed gating tests and a few that haven't. I've also been doing some reading about the Fedora project trying to get a feel for what things are and how things get done.