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General Page:

  • Log in/out calendar view
  • Filters based on location
  • Filters based on team (or interest)
  • List by events/meetings/schedules
  • List by team/location


User page:

  • Personal Calendar
  • Options to change between calendar lenght (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Filters based on location
  • Filters based on team (or interest)
  • Calendar Scroll by month (not bigger views) (maybe add a smaller next-prev month on a side)
  • Match with -FAS?- to allow users add entries OR send a form to leader with notes.
  • Checkbox for groups selection

Date view:

  • timeline showing where you are (maybe a red line on a particular hour?)
  • Items on time

General Data:

  • How to insert data? (manual, rss from some amazing rbergeron .ics? rss from wiki?)
  • Auto update against -something-
  • Milestone .ics or something for general schedules by topic/team/task/user
  • Check for duplicated
  • Integrate with some webchat for calendar dates? or just a link with info?
  • General priority

Event/meeting/schedule page:

  • Bio data
  • Link to wiki
  • Owner


  • Bio (retrieved from FAS? or wiki link?)
  • schedule/event/meeting to change
  • everytime a change is made, should send a mail


  • Sync zodbot with a meeting schedule, so he automaticaly start a meeting.
  • FAS integration to determine which team you are in