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Tim Burke

Tim Burke is a manager at Red Hat (VP, Linux Development). There are numerous things here that I am involved with, such as:

  • Many of the team members (who you all know and love) who are largely dedicated to the Fedora project (vs RHEL) are in the same team I am. Actually, they do all the real work. I just try to help them to be productive.
  • I spend a lot of time managing deliverables of RHEL releases and updates.
  • Many of the awesome community focused kernel developers as well as package maintainers are part of the crew.

I've been managing RHEL releases here at RH since the original RHEL2.1. Followed by RHEL3, RHEL4, RHEL5 and the next big thing. While I have been extensively involved in the management of RHEL releases, I don't consider myself to be directly managing Fedora releases. This is primarily attributable to the fact that Fedora is really community managed. The guys on the team who are focused on Fedora do a great job making most of project focused decisions. As such my involvement with Fedora has to date been primarily indirect.

Prior to becoming a manager, I used to earn an honest living as a kernel and cluster developer.

I can be contacted at