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Ben Rosser

Some notes about me and what I think about Fedora:

I'm currently a physics PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. (As an undergrad, I also picked up a CS degree). I've been running Fedora since 2011 and programming in Python for about that long.

I use the KDE editions of Fedora almost exclusively.

I contribute to Fedora because I want to make it easy for other people to install software that I, personally, want to install on Fedora and find unavailable in our repositories. I think that distribution package management is generally the "right" way to install software on a system (which is why I became a packager to begin with).

While I believe in Free and Open Source Software, I think it is important we recognize that occasionally, people want to install nonfree software, or free software unavailable in Fedora for whatever reason. We don't have to endorse third-party repositories, but we shouldn't pretend they are not key parts of the Fedora ecosystem for many users.


FAS: tc01 (I made a poor decision at the time)

Email: rosser dot bjr at

IRC: TC01, sometimes TC02 also. You can find me in many fedora- channels, among other places.

Packages maintained

Note: this may not be a complete list. Check here for a completely accurate one.

Things being worked on

Pending package reviews

Personal wishlist

Things I have looked into packaging briefly and may intend to have a more serious go at later, but don't exist yet in bugzilla.

  • flaskbb, as a nice piece forum software not written in PHP.
  • quassel-webserver, as I use quassel and the web client is quite useful. Although this may require many nodejs libraries.
  • quasselgrep, as it is the primary tool for searching and querying Quassel backlogs.
  • snorenotify, so I can add snore support to Quassel (probably via a COPR build of quassel with snore enabled).
  • opam, the OCaml package manager. This was attempted recently but seems to have been abandoned. I'm not sure I'll ever get to working on this.
  • discord-irc, a (nodejs) bridge between Discord and IRC. Unfortunately this requires a large stack of nodejs dependencies.

If you happen to be interested in seeing any of the above stuff land in Fedora, let me know! I'd be happy to co-maintain and/or review other people's packages.

Interests in Fedora


Other Areas

  • As an avid Dwarf Fortress player, I would like to see the FOSS tooling built up around Dwarf Fortress (a nonfree but redistributable game) made available in Fedora where possible.
  • As a user and occasional contributor to the Quassel distributed IRC client, I'd like to see related utilities made available in Fedora.