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Tiens van Zyl

About Me

Everyone knows me as Tiens and I've been interested in open source and Linux since playing with Red Hat in 1999. I never had the opportunity to keep in touch with Linux as my main focus was Microsoft Servers and Exchange. I started learning myself Linux since getting a proper internet connection with sufficient band width and want to share Fedora (my favorite distro)with people who do not have access to the internet or enough bandwidth to download, install and learn Linux.

Everyday is a new learning experience with Fedora. I'm also planning to implement a home automation system using Linux but have not decided which route to go as yet.

I'd like to assist with translation and documentation for the Fedora project. I've started video how to's on various technologies and also run a blog to help people resolve issues in laymen terms. Something that I feel is missing for newbies like me.


  • Email: tiens [at] fromashes (dot) co (dot) za
  • Fedora Account: tiens
  • Country of Residence: South Africa


  • I'd like to showcase how far opensource software has come and how much easier it is to use now. I would also like to assist, mentor and teach people how to install, configure and run their own Fedora and other open source software. Most of all help people empower themselves to learn the amazing world which is open source.