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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page. This is a draft SCL Definition. It needs to be approved by the FPC before an SCL following this draft can be created. The FPC uses the criteria on to evaluate whether the SCL is okay for Fedora.

SCL Name



Detailed Description

Packages in the Platform

The following packages are part of the platform that this SCL implements. Packages which are built for the SCL but not mentioned here are not part of the platform and may be removed or changed in incompatible ways according to normal Fedora Policies (Usually, when a new release of Fedora is made).

  • <package name>
  • <package2 name>

Compatibility Guarantees

The packages in an SCL's platform are often more concerned with maintaining backwards compatibility than other packages in Fedora as SCLs exist to provide you with a more stable platform to build your own cross-platform software. As such, many of the packages in the SCL have specific compatibility guarantees. This section defines which packages in this SCL have more strict backwards compatibility guarantees and what those guarantees are so that you know what to expect.

Security trumps compatibility
If a security issue needs to be fixed but that breaks backwards compatibility, the security issue will be fixed despite violating the guarantee. This page will be updated to mention the Fedora versions and the version of the relevant packages from the SCL which needed a backwards incompatible change to fix the issue).
Guarantees are only best effort
SCL maintainers attempt to keep these backwards compatibility guarantees but the guarantees are not set in stone. As an example, the guarantees could be changed if the maintainer of an SCL decides to orphan it and someone new takes over. The new maintainer may decide to guarantee backwards compatibility for a smaller set of packages or make incompatible updates to some of the existing packages. These types of changes can only occur between Fedora releases.

Release Notes and Change History

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