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Trond Danielsen

User trondd.jpg I am a MSc in in Satellite Navigation who work as a project engineer in a small company in Norway called Norbit. My main interests are embedded systems and photography, so if you find a useful free software tools in either of these two categories please send me an email and maybe we can get it packed and ready for inclusion in the Fedora repositories. I am a member of the Embedded Systems Development SIG .

Important.png Email: trondd [at] fedoraproject dot org
Important.png Weblog:

Packages I maintain

  • SDCC - Small Device C Compiler
  • Avrdude - Software for programming Atmel AVR micro controllers.
  • Nautilus-Python: [1]
  • Postr - Flickr uploader.
  • gedit-plugins: [2]
  • libopenraw - Decode camera RAW files.
  • AVaRICE: [3]
  • UISP - In-system programmer for AVR: [4]

Packages in progress ...