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Michele Bursi
Michele Bursi
Personal Information
Birthday: 15th June
Home: Monte San Savino/Florence/Pisa, Italy
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FAS-Name: tuxwet
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GPG-Key: 9D9CC137
IRC: tuxwet on in
#fedora #fedora-it #fedora-ambassadors
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Michele Bursi

Long Version

I'm Michele Bursi, I’m Italian, I was born in Florence, 15th June. I live in Pisa during the week because of the University, I also live in Florence several days a month, but my home is in a small village near Arezzo, called Monte San Savino.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering at University of Florence and now I'm at the end of a Master of Science in Computer Engineering for Enterprise Management at the University of Pisa where I knew the world of Erp systems, datawarehouse, and things like these.

I started working as a freelance for private clients or companies when I was 20. I have always been keen on technologies in general. I started to use Linux in 1999, with a Red Hat Linux. It became my only OS very soon.

At the University of Florence I joined the LILiK Lab as a member of the staff. A Lab where all the members strongly believe in Free Software. This lab is managed only from students and it is born in order to offer services to other students only with Free Software. We have some clients for students, and 3 servers which offer some services: email box service for students, web hosting, svn/cvs for open source and Free Software projects for anyone who asks for it, and many others things...a nice place for Linux, free software and open source. There, I met a lot of people who have the same interests that I have. I’m finishing my MS and work as freelance, at the moment. Now I'm away from Florence, because I'm at the University of Pisa and LILiK miss me, particularly the activity to spread Linux and FOSS.

One of my main goals is to spread Linux, Fedora and Free Software in general, because I started with Linux just for my own interest but I realize very soon that during the years my skills in using it have grown and not only it helped me in solving many problems but also I benefited a lot from this program in my studies and work. As a member of LILiK'staff I spread Free Software, we organized some events about Linux and Security, we encouraged people to use Linux and Free Software.

I love to explain to people what is Free Software, what is Linux and its advantages and most important things, I'm very happy when I can help someone with his related problems, when I can suggest the solutions to a problem o when I can realize the solution. In this way, I convinced many people to use Linux and when it happens I am very happy to have brought someone else on the road of Linux and FOSS. I love the direct contact with the people, with the end user and with people who don't know Fedora, Linux and FOSS, so I can help them

Short Version :)

  • I'm Italian
  • I Live between Pisa, Florence and Monte San Savino (AR)
  • I have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering
  • I'm studing for the Master of Science and work as freelance, at the moment
  • I'm (was...!?) proud member of LILiK (for details read the long version)
  • I love Linux and Free Software
  • I love to spread these
  • I love to see when people choice the right way...Free Software
  • I like to give people the right way forward ... and see them in it  ;)

For other info please read the Long Version or contact me


In my spare time

I have a lot of interest, mainly in technology, but also sports. I like to spent my time to learn new technologies or try to build some stuff with electronics devices (Arduino for example) and Linux and interconnect between them (I'm very interested in Internet of Things), or develop software and applications for various purpose. Another interest is Networking, for my Bachelor Degree I did work in a Project for Selex Comms to develop an handover facility method for Mesh networks.

Activities within Fedora

I attented:

  • Linux Day 2010 Arezzo as Organizer
  • FOSDEM 2011 Bruxelles as Fedora Ambassador
  • Fedora 15 Release Event Magione as Fedora Ambassador (1 talk)
  • FUDCon Milan 2011
  • FOSDEM 2012 Bruxelles
  • I planned to go to two high schools next October, to make students know what Free Software and Fedora are, to explain how to use Fedora, as Operating System, and finally explain them how to use it in order to install fest and others practical activities. I decided to do this because when I was younger I attended a school with IT program, and in my opinion these schools don’t give you enough information, or instructions about Linux and the Free Software, but they only gave us information about proprietary Microsoft OSs. Today I really would like to change this way of informing people. As far as I can, I will try to make people know Fedora, Linux and the Free Software, especially those people who have not know it yet, so as to give them the possibility of choosing and obviously to put them in a position to make the right choice.
  • I planning to maintain some packages

Next Future?

  • MS in Computer Engineering
  • RHCE certification
  • CCNA certification
  • Find a really interesting job
  • and many other things...