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Lee Brewer

Name: Lee Brewer

Occupation: Network Administrator

Employer: Sharp Business Systems of SC

Location: Simpsonville, SC

Google Talk: brewer.lee

IRC: Android_Lee

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About Me

I currently live in Simpsonville, SC, with my wife of 20 years and 13 year old son. I currently work in the IT department for the imaging division of Sharp Electronics. I've been using Fedora as a desktop OS since I was at Nuvox, which would have been sometime around the Fedora 4-ish days.

Why I Joined Fedora

In the mid 1990's I jumped on the MCSE bandwagon with dreams of getting certified and making $100k a year. After getting A+, Net+ and MCSA, I discovered a constant value with the Micro$oft way of thinking: "Their way is the only way"

Then when I was working for Nuvox a friend suggestged I give Linux a try. "Why?" I asked. And I loved his answer: "Because if there is something you don't like, you can change it."

WHAT?!?!? A company that ENCOURAGES you to make changes to their operating system? Where do I get it? And he handed me a Fedora 4 disk, and I've been hooked ever since.

I joined the Fedora project in May 2009 after being threatened......uh, I mean.....talked into it by David Nalley. I've tried over "flavors" of Linux but seem to keep coming back to Fedora.