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ujariya: Upendra Jariya

Perspective: as a basis for Categorization

Acquiring a global perspective for categorization of localized concepts is really incomprehensible for human brain. This is why we usually try to categorize objects by more than one localized perspectives, after some time it becomes a jungle… - Upendra Jariya (14 Feb 2007)

Upendra Jariya

I am working with a reputed software company in India as a Senior Software Engineer since last 5 years. I work on Oracle BPEL, Core Java, Java Web Services and J2EE projects.

I learnt working on Linux in ~2001 in the collage days while I was doing my BE. I implemented the producer consumer (bounded buffers) problem using shared memory IPC and gcc compiler that time. I use Fedora at my home desktop and also planning for the same in my office.

Contact Data

Personal Details

  • Location: Indore, M.P., India, 452010
  • Time Zone: UTC +05:30
  • Languages: Hindi (as first language), English (as second language)
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Higher Education:
    • BE, Information Technology (year 2004) - SGSITS, Indore-03.