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Utkarsh Anand

Utkarsh Anand


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I am a second year undergraduate student studying Physics (B.S.) at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

I have a keen interest in coding. I am familiar with many programming languages (C, C++, Python, Javascript, Go etc. to name a few). My areas of interest are Cloud Computing Technologies and Linux System Administration, although, I also enjoy working in other domains like web development etc. I also maintain a blog post on running fedora on devices with hybrid graphics.
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When I'm not reading tech articles online or busy testing a new linux distro, I spend my time playing Cricket and computer games.

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I maintain a blog on "Running Fedora on machines with hybrid graphics" :
That's pretty much all for now. I am looking to contribute to the codebase in the coming few months.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Although unrelated to fedora, do check out my new github repository SlackBot_utkapp. It has the code for creating a Slack Bot which converts one currency to another. All of the code is designed to be deployed on Amazon Web services using the Serverless Architecture.