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Valentin-Stefan Cobelea

I am using Fedora since its beginning, at home and of course at the office. Before Fedora, I was using RedHat Linux and I was deeply enjoying it.

I am a senior engineer in a Romanian office of a major U.S. Devices Software Optimization company, where I am a Development Engineer.


  • Email: too much spam, email removed (mail me using the Fedora Project email)
  • Skype: valentin.cobelea
  • IRC: kobelev @ #fedora-ambassadors , #fedora-meeting , #fedora-mktg , #fedora-bugzappers , #fedora-python , #fedora-ro , #fedora
  • GPG key: 7695 7091 93B6 9B9B 865C 53A7 EB97 8A6E 0ADA 6AF7
  • Fedora Account: Valente

Activities within Fedora

File:Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.pngImage-BugZappers bugzappers-wikiheader.png

  • I've been accepted as an ambassador.
  • Since in the area where I live there is no big activity regarding Linux, I'll do my best at work, to help my colleagues with Fedora related problems.
  • I've been accepted as a bug-zapper.
  • Established contact with the Romanian team from Fedora Project.
  • Bugs reporting (as many as I can do with ABRT).

Fedora and me

  • I like and use Fedora for everything I need. I want people to know about Fedora and what it could offer them.
  • When somebody needs help with some issue I always explain and show how to solve that.
  • I've created several documents that shows solutions for general problems, patches, manuals etc. All these things are really helping people, for instance here in the office where I work, because I see that there is no "publicity" for Fedora.
  • Looking at other Linux distros, I think branded CDs, DVDs and even USB-data sticks could make more people use Fedora.


Vali's Linux From Scratch


  • Project put on hold due to legal issues with the company I am working for regarding this Linux distro.
  • vlfs 0.40 [AOs]
 v0.40b <started> @130808
 stalled for 2 months so far (October & November)
 > kernel 3.12+;
 > VMWARE and VirtualBOX both installed by default;
 > looking for more VIM configuration;
 > GIT tools installed by dafault (gitk, git gui, tig);
 > integrated support for mounting over SSH with SSHFS;
 > TODO: startup scripts: autostart selected apps;
 > TODO: system setup scripts;
 > TODO: backup tools (apps/scripts) implementation;
 > TODO: chrome as default web browser;
 > TODO: properly run GTK apps as root;
 > TODO: wallpaper change more easily;
 v0.40a @130807
 > multiple window managers: openBox, LXDE, i3wm;
 > better power management via 'pm' daemon;
 > changed login control and lockscreen (more like the one LXDE has); xscreensaver still available;
 > integrated virtualBox by default;
 > grub changed to better default themed screen (non text mode);
 > firefox and thunderbird, along other apps will no longer be depended to the OS libraries (using binaries from the app developer);
 > all other applications will be updated (+libraries);
 > banner made: ;
 >> banner updated (use this one): ;
 > 20130425> changed the default folders structure;
 > 20130425> integrated Eclipse (Android) ADT and tested few applications; emulator with GPU support by default enabled;
 > 20130425> encountered few issues with the latest GCC, pending fixes and tests;
 > 20130508> fixed GCC issues;
 > 20130508> trial tests for Chrome as default web browser;
 > 20130517> kernel v3.9.2 tests almost done;
 > 20130713> kernel v3.9.9 the default one, test over;
 > fixed B035b.02
 > fixed B035b.03

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

  • the work for v0.3x was stoped and I decided to go with v0.40 (naming and features) since it will contain major changes.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

  • vlfs 0.35 [ES]
   v0.35b @121018
   > had 5 releases until final 'b';
   > kernel 3.6.1;
   > grub 2.0;
   > GCC 4.7;
   > alsa updated !
   > conky updated (+new config) !
   > all core libs were updated to latest stable ver.;
   > implemented suspend(uber-stable) & hibernate(experimental) (finally!!!);
   > added in openBox menu extries for suspend & shutdown;
   > switched to nVidia akmod, generally to akmod instead of kmod;
   > supports more build systems, the support is made by adding (host) libraries;
   > '/dev' is a self (encrypted) partition -> heavy tests made;
   > '/media' is tmpfs as before, but crypted now;
   > fastest release so far;
   > experimented the 'xmobar & trayer' vs. 'openbox & tint2': things look amazing with these;
   > bugs:
   >> B035b.01 - volumeicon/skype - audio not initialized until a song (whatever media player) starts a song;
   >> B035b.02 - wicd - uses 'wlan0' as for wired (wtf bug);
   >> B035b.03 - xdm/wicd - @login screen, randomly, system gets stuck, kernel panic reported;
   v0.35a @120913 - dev was on hold for more than two months
   > stability check for audio and video drivers;
   > improved conky (sys status) config file;
   > found a new bug B04: xscreenlock crashes randomly while screen locked -> screen gets unlocked!;
   > updated Mozilla products: Firefox and Thunderbird;
   > added support for one more build system (added several libraries in default DEV branch);
   > investigated which of the root folders to be self partitions ('/dev' | '/sys' | '/proc'....);
   branch was on-hold for more than 2 months
   v0.35 branch @120517
  • vlfs 0.34 [sNOW]
   v0.34final reached @120516
   > this version is considered the most stable in compare to the other versions;
   > the time frame is six mounths (1.5 months per sub-branch) due to all the stability and stress and overload tests run;
   > was released only fo x64 arch;
   v0.34d @120514
   > mainly consists of improving the system stability and performance;
   > added a system tray pager - neap v0.7;
   > updated system config/run scripts: java setup, bookmarks control, start-all;
   v0.34c @120430
   > improved bookmark control;
   > improved startup script (apps only);
   > several apps updated (mozilla f/t, skype, xchat);
   > bug B02 is related to the event listener that openBox has, cant fix without changing openBox internal behavior;
   v0.34b @120305
   > implemented bookmarks control for folder and/or files.
   > stability check.
   > fixed bug v0.34a.B01.
   > previous bug v0.34a.B02 accepted as non-blocking.
   kernel update to v3.2.7.
   v0.34a @120203
   > huge system stability improvement (no crashes in the last 2 months).
   > good job Mozilla! - finally less memory consumption for Firefox & Thunderbird.
   > bug B01: default terminal window setup is faulty.
   > bug B02: volume (amixer/volumeicon) does not unmute when volume goes up (muted prior).
   > bug B03:FIXED: ffmpeg-libs unable to dep-link with the latest version of libvpx (which is mandatory for firefox/xulrunner).
   kernel updated to v3.2.2.
   grub2 updated to v1.99.
   libreOffice update to v3.4.4.
   Mozilla apps update.
   v0.34 branch @111223
  • vlfs 0.33 [i3u3]
   v0.33final reached @111222
   > longest time frame (4.5 months) for a branch until this moment.
   > -three months and a half of pre-release development and testing, and, another month of releases (four of them).
   > indexed around 100 working machines with this branch (90% reported to be for testing, chroot & learning).
   > it was the first x64 vlfs.
   > hostname.DNS still buggy (bug not blocking / bug accepted).
   > looking into removing openJDK.
   v0.33d @111219
   kernel 3.1.5
   RAM 330+MB after boot / user logon.
   RAM 1010MB in normal dev usage mode.
   nVidia kmod updated.
   terminal windows predefined setup.
   xfce-notifyd instead of notif-daemon.
   firefox & thunderbird seems NOT to occupy so much RAM any more.
   faster boot, in average with 2 sec.
   v0.33c @111214
   volumeicon in tray.
   media buttons (better than ever).
   audacious as default player (+codecs).
   pcmanfm2 as file browser is back.
   battery-metter replaced by tint2 defaults.
   urxvt instead of xterm.
   nVidia kmod updated.
   startall script updated.
   eth0 -> em1 (ethernet main);
   some system wide bug fixes - network, UI, X11.
   /media & /run are tmpfs now.
   httpd up.
   pastebin server up.
   v0.33b @111128
   arch: x64.
   kernel: 3.1.2.
   ui: OpenBox 3.5; tint2; XscreenSaver.
   gpu driver: nvidia.
   v0.33a @111126
   kernel: 3.1.0.
   gpu driver: nouveau.
   + see above
   probably i3wm will be postponed to v0.33c or v0.33.1.
   things look more than perfect, RAM consumption 64MB, disk space 360MB, boot time (until login) 9 seconds average.
   probably this will be labeled to 0.40 instead of 0.33.
   preparing huge system overhaul: based on kernel 3.0x / 3.1x, and i3WM (now you see why so many '3's in the name).
   UI: OpenBox/tint2/xScreenSaver will be included also as alternative setup for i3WM/i3Bar/i3Lock.
   FS: probably BTRfs - if it will get 'more' stable until December 1st.
       ext4E still included.
   Apps: latest and greatest.
   v0.33 branch @111102 ('.a' version was for 3 months in tests)
  • vlfs 0.32 [VBOX2]
   v0.32b - update mainly
   v0.32 branch will continue until 0.32c
   updated Firefox & Thunderbird + themes changed (to a more compact look).
   default settings for terminals and windows in general changed.
   updated Deluge - default torrent client.
   <*> abandoned the SawfishWM branch.
   <*> abandoned the ScrotWM (wird name) branch.
   <*> continue the i3WM branch - things look more than awesome :D .
   v0.32a - stability improvement on Dell and Asus notebooks
   v0.32 branch @110724
  • vlfs 0.31 [VBOX1] reached @110723
   improved boot time (cleaner modules list).
   new terminator UI.
   latest kernel on 2.6.35 (@110620).
   integrated Pidgin for the other IM protocols.
   start working on a P$3 spin (thx Rapth0R).
   start testing BTRFS (versus current EXT4) - so far so good.
   v0.31 branch @110516
  • vlfs 0.30 [D3US] reached @110513
   send me an email/message for repo (git) access (limited to less than 40 users).
   continue to final version.
   more usable UI space, by using lightweight mods/skins/themes in application.
   full system update - tested on heavy duty.
   included GNU Make 3.81 (as "make_381") for @ndroid kernel build compatibility.
   started testing Scrotwm [1] as alternative WM againts Openbox.
   named vlfs 0.30s - Scrotwm instead of Openbox, two different branches only for testing.
   fixed 38 bugs out of 41 (reported).
   received reports of vlfs running mainly on low-specs machines (specially nettops).
   0.30.beta out on 110506
   0.30.alpha out on 110404
   screen from 0.30a :
  • vlfs 0.29 [DEU2]
   counted 409 active machines with vlfs 0.29 @110130 - no more registrations slots. reached @110129
   continue the 0.29 branch development until 0.30 will become final
   0.28 branch closed
   performance improvements mainly
   more server side support
   full i686 system
   kernel upgrade to 2.6.37 branch
  • vlfs 0.28.0 [DEUS]: reached @101220
   0.28.2 out on 110124 - last subversion on this branch
   update distribution logo [done]
   nVidia accelerated drivers as default [done]
   tint2 update & new look [done]
   OpenBox update [done]
   VPN support in wicd[done]
   kernel update to latest @2.6.35 branch [done]
   libraries updates for:
    -glibc [done]
    -GCC [done]
   apps updates for:
    -Firefox [done]
    -Thunderbird [done]
    -Deluge [done]
    -terminator [done]
    -mc [done]
   apps changes:
    -replace file manager with: Xfe [done]
    -replace pdf viewer with: xPDF [done]
   distro clean:
    -unneeded libs and apps [done]
   GUI updates / new things:
    -no graphical boot (remove "rhgb" and "quiet" from grub.conf) [done]
    -new GTK2 theme [done]
    -new mouse pointer [done]
    -new volumeicon theme [done]
    -new wallpapers [done]
    -new Grub splash image [done]
  • vlfs 0.27.3 is out: faster than previous, cleaned the services list, removed unneeded libraries (*-devel mainly), several core apps upgraded.
  • vlfs 0.27.2 released: no window decoration (default), many system wide key-binds, automated application start with proper (pre-set) layout, quad monitor support (multiple CRTC support in graphical card required).
  • version 0.27 of vlfs released: openBox & tint2 (Gnome/KDE free) otimization and setup.
  • version 0.26 of vlfs out: RPM-build support added, yum added as default pkg manager, yumex added (as less as it can be, the RPMs and yum*, will be used only for end user apps), many optimizations done in the process list and start sequence.
  • version 0.25 of vlfs lived shortly, it was mainly a RPM packages test versus direct software install from archives.
  • version 0.24 of vlfs done: removed NetworkManager, using now: wicd.
  • versions 0.21 -> 0.23 of vlfs were mainly file system, configuration, packages (libs, bins & apps) versions changes and way too many stability tests.
  • v0.19.3 renamed to v0.20 after the kernel was built from scratch.
  • First official version (0.19.3) of vlfs released: using: terminator, conky, pcmanFM...
  • several versions were done for personal use ONLY, highly experimental in what the GUI could offered.

Latest things I've done

latest here...

  • Got Fedora 19, x64, installed on the "home server", enjoyed since.
  • Tested Fedora ARM on Raspberry Pi.
  • Downloading Fedora 17 (32 and 64 bits).
  • Prepared a new system for update towards Fedora 17 (x64).
  • Finalized the vlfs v0.34 branch; continue to v0.35.
  • Renamed my personal Linux distro to VLFS, from vaLinux.
  • Prepared for winter holidays.
  • Finalized the vlfs 0.33 branch with a fourth release.
  • Got Fedora 16 before the release, good thing that download link rename always works. PS I was in the first ten to have F16.
  • Started the vlfs v0.33 - complete system change (see above).
  • Hmmm, removed the old Fedora 12 from my server, preparing for F16.
  • Pro commented on BTRFS as default in the next Fedora release.
  • Updated to Fedora 15 on the repo server.
  • Voted for Fedora 16 name.
  • Continue the vlfs project with a new release v0.29.beta on January 21, 2011.
  • Downloaded Fedora 14 (i386, x64 and live spins) and installed.
  • Played with Fedora 14.beta on several machines.
  • Start working on a new project vlfs : my own Fedora-based distro: minimal installation, outstanding performances, GUI based on: XDM/Openbox/Tint2, NO GNOME/KDE !!
  • Created a Pastebin server based on Fedora 10 running on an old computer.
  • Already downloading the Fedora 13 release. Informing the nation about this on: irc channels, forums, mailing-lists.
  • Waiting for Fedora 13 release on May 25th.
  • Subscribed to other mailing-lists: python-devel & kernel-devel.
  • Voted for Fedora 14 name.
  • Tried Fedora 13 Beta.
  • Created a LXDE spin with Revisor: only development tools are integrated, plus some internet tools.
  • Played with the LXDE official spin.
  • Reported many bugs (almost 40 I think) using the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool. I've also offered some feedback for all the questions I've received in the bugs comments.
  • Making my laptop a triple-view machine: laptop display (default), LCD monitor #1 (via DVI), LCD monitor #2 (via VGA). So cool and so much space.
  • Converting another dude to Fedora.
  • Wrote a HOW-TO with many details and screen-shots about Fedora 12/11 install in parallel with Windowz 7.
  • Voted on all the available polls, on December 7th.
  • Moving all my previous spins to Fedora 12.
  • Fixing the Hu@wei E220 3G modem issues on the Fedora 12. Posting the solution ( ) so all the Fedora users can enjoy a well paid internet connection.
  • Downloading Fedora 12.... yes I'm doing this already by changing "11" to "12" in the download filename :) .
  • Start working on a Fedora 12 beta (for the moment) Media Center spin for my brand new nettop.
  • Testing Fedora 12 beta on several machines.
  • Downloading (and sharing) Fedora 12 beta.
  • Several replies on, just helping the brotherhood :) .
  • Sharing CDs/DVDs to my work colleagues/friends/Linux enthusiasts with the above mentioned spins.
  • Adding new applications to my server dedicated Fedora spin.
  • Bringing more adepts (colleagues) to Fedora Project.
  • Creating another Fedora spin, very small and robust, text only dedicated to my home server called DeuSServer.
  • Finalizing the Fedora "DevSpin".
  • Using the Fedora 11 as work environment.
  • Start working on creating a Fedora Spin dedicated to development work.
  • Wrote an article on .
  • Installed Fedora 11, and presented to my fellow colleagues from the office.
  • Start giving away LiveCDs to Fedora users.
  • Received a package with Fedora stuff: tshirt, LiveCDs, stickers. Started to give to colleagues at work, at the University of Galati, Linux fans.
  • Contact the other Fedora Project members from Romania to get some branded LiveCDs. So I could give them to people around me who need them.
  • Helped a colleague with a serious NetworkManager problem.
  • Proposed the name "Deus" for Fedora 12. Waiting and hopping to be approved.
  • Gone to a long good vacation.
  • Created, tested and presented my master diploma project on Fedora 10.
  • Tested Fedora 11 Beta release with my colleagues.
  • Established contact with the other Romanian fellows from Fedora Project (thanks Nicu for all the infos).
  • Presented to my office colleagues how to create .rpm packages for Fedora, from .deb and archives.
  • Helped a guy from Republic of Moldavia to setup his computer with Fedora 10.
  • Created a topic on an important Romanian Linux forum regarding joining to Fedora Project.
  • Invited a colleague from the office to participate to Fedora Project. He enlisted as BugZapper (
  • Subscribed to Fedora BugZappers group.
  • Contributions on several topics on a Romanian large forum.
  • Tested Fedora 11 Alpha release and presented to my colleagues the new things added.
  • Start working on creating service packs (with Service Packs Creator) for computers that don't have internet access (due to security issues).
  • Fixed the error caused by the kernel on several Dell D630 notebooks (mine was the "guinee pig").
  • Created USB memory sticks with Fedora 10 as rescue solutions for broken computers.
  • Installed and configured Fedora on several computers as base servers for different projects.
  • Created several how-to wiki pages (inside company) for Fedora problems/issues.
  • Helped my colleagues with the PackageKit update problem.