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Manual how to create man-page

the list of man-pages section is on man.1 man page, most probable are:

1. User Commands
5. File Formats and Conventions

Automatic generation of man pages from --help to man-pages format

package help2man contains this tool

Link to another man-page

if the man-page describing the binary or config file already exists there could be used only link man page:

.so man1/relevant_man_page.1

the reason not to do "ordinary" simlink using ls is - man can go through this links and show the information from which file this man-page is.

Man-page scheme

NAME, SYNOPSIS, DESCRIPTION and SEE ALSO parts are the most common and usually are in man-pages

.\" Copyright ..
.TH man_page_name section date "Linux" man_pages_type
name \- one line description
.SH SYNOPSIS               
.B syntax                  
detail description of the functionality ....
.SH "EXIT STATUS"          -- usually in sections 1, 8
possible exit status
.SH "RETURN VALUE"         -- usually in sections 2, 3
detail description
.SH ERRORS                 -- usually in sections 2, 3
detail description
.SH NOTES                  -- only where it is relevant
detail description
list of relevant man pages
.SH AUTHOR                 -- copyright should be enough so not needed

Useful tags

  • .\" -- comment
  • .B -- text on the whole line is bold (useful for keywords, command name and options)
  • .I -- text on the whole line is italics (useful for SYNOPSIS part)
  • .BR -- the odd words are bold, even are normal (used in SEE ALSO part - bold are man-pages name, normal ale section numbers of them)
  • .BI -- the odd words are bold, even are italics (used in SYNOPSIS part - italics are types, bold are variable names)
  • .BR, .BI, ... -- analogy of ^
  • .sp -- skip one line vertically
  • .br -- line break (used in SEE ALSO to separate the man-pages name, .. )
  • the list of all tags is groff.7 man page


good pages should be all in man-pages package

.\" Copyright 1993 David Metcalfe ( 
.\" and Copyright 2008, Linux Foundation, written by Michael Kerrisk 
.\"     <> 
.\" ....
.TH ATAN 3  2008-12-02 "" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
atan, atanf, atanl \- arc tangent function
.B #include <math.h> 
.BI "double atan(double " x ); 
.BI "float atanf(float " x ); 
.BI "long double atanl( long double " x ); 
.BR atan ()
function calculates the principal value of the arc tangent of \fIx\fP;
that is the value whose tangent is \fIx\fP.
On success, these functions return the principal value of the arc tangent of
.IR x
in radians; the return value is in the range [\-pi/2,\ pi/2].

.I x
is a NaN, a NaN is returned.
No errors occur.
.BR acos (3),
.BR asin (3), 
This page is part of release 3.22 of the Linux
.I man-pages
A description of the project,
and information about reporting bugs,
can be found at