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About me

I am a guy interested in the technology and the use of free software, open source, programming, making friends, music.

I use linux since 2012, my first experience with linux was ubuntu (like any newbie), I remember that I damaged my hard drive and lost my information, but that's not why I gave up, now my operative system is Fedora and it's going very Well, for all the tasks that are presented.

What I'm doing in the Fedora Project

Right now, I'm collaborating with:

Fedora Ecuador

My thoughts about Fedora Community

I love the fedora community because it is really open and simple. It is an excellent environment to learn a lot and its users aren't robots or from another planet (just a few of them), which is very important. If you ask something to any interest group of this community, they will surely answer you and help you by quickly guiding you to solve the problem. This is an excellent motivation when you decide to collaborate with one open source project.


Software Freedom day 2018, Quito - Ecuador