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May 4th: San José, Costa Rica. May 5th: San José and Liberia, Costa Rica. May 6th: Liberia, Costa Rica May 7th: Granada, Nicaragua. May 8th: Managua, Nicaragua. May 10th: Tegucigalpa, Honduras. May 12th: San Salvador, El Salvador. May 14th: Guatemala City, Guatemala. May 15th: Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala.


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Event Description

Trying to connect Free software, digital arts and social networks, this tour started as a dream. It will start in Costa Rica, trying to talk along the way on different topics of freedom and cyber activism. At each city there will be a public event with the help of local communities that work in others related ideas, like food identity, freedom of speech and sustainability. There will be people hopping on and off, as well some will be the whole route. It will be awesome if we can secure one Fedora Ambassador the whole route. For Fedora related stuff in this event you can contact Neville A. Cross.


The original budget was to sponsor the project and in return get branding of fedora on the bus. There was no decision on this, so the budget was changed just to material production.

TOTAL = 233.86





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