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Muhammad Shahriman bin Samsudin

File:ShahrimanSamsudin mypics.jpg

Contact Info

Fedora Ambassador for Malaysia, MY

  • Email: yondie at fedoraproject dot org
  • Mobile: (6)012-66206570
  • IRC: yondie (available usually at and freenode)
  • Location: Kuantan, Pahang Malaysia
  • Blog: [1]

About Him

This guy is called yondie , since he enjoys watching Naruto so much. He is a twisted Electrical and Electronics engineering student in Universiti Teknologi Petronas

He is blessed with computer related stuff because his Grandpa and Dad taught him dbase and BASIC in his early childhood. Well his Grandpa is still alive and still stick to DOS . (He regrets because he can't convince his Grandpa to use bash).

He finally meet someone who he considered worthy enough in attempt to create a good hacking culture inside his campus. See Izhar Firdaus . Since then his life is devoted to the holy war on promoting FOSS inside and outside the campus.

Besides computing he enjoy speed cubing and willing to spread the love of the cubes to anyone at no cost. Currently he is the founder of Malaysia Rubik Association

His Mission so far

  • Co-founder of UTP Open Source Sofware Association
  • Support Fedora and mostly "the lesser Distro that is famous " inside UTP
  • A regular speaker inside UTP-OSS meetup
  • Explaining some truth and rumous on Linux at University Technology Mara , Shah Alam Malaysia
  • Helps conduction Fedora Fest installation in UTP
  • Promoting Fedora Electronics Lab to various engineer and hobbyist in Malaysia.

Next plan

  • Marketing Fedora Shirts for the local community?
  • Seeking Fedora users/contributors inside Malaysia?

His stuff

Shirts Design

File:ShahrimanSamsudin shirts.png

Keychains Design

File:ShahrimanSamsudin keychain.png