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Jason "zcat" Farrell

Hi! I've been using *nix in its various forms since around 1994. NetBSD -> FreeBSD -> Red Hat -> Fedora {3..CURRENT}. <insert proper intro here>

I believe open source software evolves faster; better; cheaper, and one day soon, thanks to advancing nanotechnology, hardware will also be in the open source domain.

The Singularity Is Near


  • Email:
  • IRC: You can find me on Freenode under the nicknames zcat (primary), zless (laptop), zmore, and zeebot (supybot), primarily in the user-centric #fedora channel, and in #fedora-unity.
  • AIM/ICQ: matterlikedata
  • GPG key: 1024D/2DE61332
  • Ancient Personal Website:
  • Location: New York


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