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Ayush Goyal ( nick: ayushhgoyal )

Hello everyone, if you are viewing this page then you might be interested in reading about me... I'm pursuing Computer Engineering from Maharishi Arvind, Jaipur (India). I happened to attend a seminar about FOSS by Jai Pandya and Aniruddh Singh Shekhawat which encouraged me to know more about GNU/Linux, I started off with Fedora 11. I also got myself enrolled for RHCE certification and passed with flying colors. I can be considered proficient in Java ( J2SE to be precise ) , HTML, and stuff taught in my curriculum.

I can be contacted at

IM @Gtalk- ayushhgoyal

  @Skype- ayushhgoyal

Mail me @gmail- ayushhgoyal

       @yahoo-   ayushhgoyal
       @hotmail- ayushhgoyal
       @aol-     ayushhgoyal

Facebook Profile- here Google Profile- here Twitter Handle- ayushhgoyal

Mobile- +91-9829320803 ( I prefer Texts over voice calls)

My Contribution

I am constantly encouraging people around me( and my colleagues, anyone I think is worthy) about FOSS and its benefits. I also pupils those come asking for some installation media or asking for support. I am looking forward for contributing a lot to fedoraproject.