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Interested In

  • Open source
  • Linux and Unix projects
  • Collecting operating systems
  • Playing guitar
  • Music theory
  • Serial killers

Present OS

Windows XP (planning to change that soon)

Other OSes through VMWare:

  1. Ubuntu 9.04
  2. Kububtu 8.10 (I generally work on this one)
  3. Red Hat Enterprise 4
  4. Pupply Linyx
  5. Damn Small Linux

OSes to be installed soon (downloading them through torrents):

  1. Minix 3
  2. Minix
  3. Mac OSX
  4. NetBSD

Expecting many more distros from my friends (in a few months)


2.21GHz AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
128MB Nvidia graphics integrated with ASUS
160GB Seagate internal disk storage
1TB Seagate external disk storage
Samsung writemaster
Shitty speakers
2G MTNL net

Other random info

Can write small shell scripts. Comparatively at ease with C, C++. Learning Java, Perl awk and a few other languages (in no particular order)

This is a request
I am interested in expanding my free OS collection and spread my collection. Mail me if you want any of the above OSes. I would be glad to ship them anywhere (You pay the postage and DVD cost)

Contact me here:


I dont want to be a part of anything that is Anti- or Against-.

Visit my webpage here (if that helps you): mawk