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Automatic Atomic Host Updates

This project will allow to upgrade Fedora automatically and rollback to the previous version if there is an error on restarting the new upgrade. Mainly I have used 4 scripts with 2 parts. 1st part is to check and upgrade Fedora if new image is available. This is done by 1 script. After upgrade, it check the system and restart the system. This is done by 2nd script. Then while restarting 1 script is gathering information of errors and problems of new upgrade. The last script is to rollback if there is any errors or problems. This project will help to Fedora to be more user friendly.

set 1

First I installed Fedora 23 workstation as my host OS. Then I installed Vagrant as my VM (Because it is much easy to handle with). Then I installed Fedora Atomic image on VM to do testing on it.

set 2

At the moment I am working on set 2. First I thought about implementing the automatic upgrade part. To do so I first read the upgrade code on rpmostree. Then I started writing a code for malty threading with C. Because it is easy to run a thread to check updates. Still I have a problem in getting root privilege.