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Suggesting an additional use case:

"Hermione wants a dashboard-like interface with standard and customizable components so she can see the overall health of the Fedora Project and drill down to any sub-project for deeper analysis."

OK, so we're going to get stuck on the word "health". I think we'll have to break that down to two factors, similar to how a physician diagnoses:

  • What is recognizable immediately as a potential problem and can be flagged for a human to look further? Not automated resolution, just automated recognition. Compare to temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar after fasting, white blood cell count, etc. -- all of which have a set of top/bottom baselines that going outside of can generate an alert (email, SMS, in dashboard.)
  • What requires a human's eyes to just scan and see, based on their experience? Having lots of charts, visualizations, tick marks in microcharts, etc.

There may be a third angle that we'll program in over time, similar to business intelligence. That might require a BI server to handle. Examples would be, "If there is a sudden drop-off of email list traffic for longer than a 12 hour period, generate a community manager team alert, except in these circumstances: days around major holidays, days around major downstream releases, etc."

--Quaid 22:07, 20 June 2012 (UTC)