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fedora Dead Drops repository(fedDD)

I want to do this project until me and some other friends are traveling in the librebus / at Central América and fudcon also.

What? Exacly i was inspired until i was in Nicaragua the last week when i watch the project and i look that not body was made a DD in Central América, so talking with Neville Cros i think that i want to make the first DD in every country of Central América like the contribution of fedora in the ride... Costa Rica /Nicaragua/Honduras/ El Salvador /Guatemala/ and Panama when i go to the Fudcon 2011 ;).

Why?: To have Offline fedora repositories in Central América at least manteined for every embassador or some volunteer in every country... (Looking for Volunters)

When?: While the ride of the

Where?: In every CCE (cultural center of Spain / Centro cultural de España) (talking with the people of and cce..


Travel, from El Salvador to Costa Rica: $60 just one way by
6 USB Memory 16GB: $50c/U $300 (if somebody wnat to sponsored.. its ok)
epoxy putty /Instant concrete: $33
Five Central América Fedora Dead Drops (Priceless XD)

Total $393

How to install a fedora Dead Drops...

  1. Read the Dead Drops  manifesto!
  2. Get a USB flash drive of any size.
  3. Dismantle the plastic cover. (It has shown the stick stays more stable if you leave it on, feel free to experiment!)
  4. Wrap it in plummers tape to seal it off.
  5. Download the readme.txt and manifesto here (eng, french, esp, port, russ, dutch, ger, ita, chin, czech) , edit authorship/credits/date)and load it on the drive. [more translations are welocme!]
  6. Use fast setting concrete to cement the stick in a crack or hole.
  7. Make sure to make the wall look nice afterwards, eventually you ll need some color for touch up.
  8. Make sure to place it in a way that it can be accessed directly with a laptop. (Not everybody has an extension cable)
  9. USB ports locations on laptops are different from model to model. The ‘front side’ (2 holes of the plug) points up! Is the left side port and right side port on a laptop accessible?
 10. Optional you could use epoxy putty to glue the flash drive to other objects.
 11. Take 3 good pictures!
     - Overview of the street/place, how does your city look like?
     - Approximate location of your Dead Drop, medium distance.
     - Closeup! We want to see your Dead Dro

12. Put iso files of fedora 32/63 bits gnome/KDE