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Hello Everyone, I am Priyesh Khunteta. I have just completed my Btech in Computer Science from Jaypee University of Information Technology, in May 2008. I was introduced to Linux in 2005, my first experience started with live distros, such as Knoppix, Knoppix-std. I was then introduced to Fedora-Core 4... although that time i was working fine with it , but was still using Windows as main OS. But it was With Fedora Core 5 and Fedora Core 6 that made me fall in love with Fedora.. While i was using Fedora Core 6, most of the my friend started using other Linux Distro, especially OpenSuse. And Everyone persuaded me to leave Fedora Core and transfer to OpenSuse. But I dont know why, but i could never leave Fedora Core... maybe it was due to its "do it yourself" thing or what. but Fedora always kept me busy, whether it was editing fstab, looking for a way to to connect to repositories behind prroxy, or installing new video drivers for then just introduces intel 915 motherboard. in late 2006 I, along with some of my friends made our university first Linux User Group(known as JLUG). we then held many Seminars, event, meeting, etc. to introduce Linux to our fellow students, as by then Windows was the only operating System used by more than 95% students. We got good response too :) now i am passed out from my college, but still in contact with students of my college, who are now looking after JLUG. and still continue to promote linux from distance, also now among friends where I am living now... Its always a pleasure for me to help anyone regarding Fedora, so if anyone need help let me know about it :)