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Personal Information

  • Name

Wong Tin Lok

  • Date of birth


  • School

China University of Mining

  • Department / Professional

Chemical Engineering and Technology (coal chemical industry)

  • Year

08 th Class 1 Chemical Engineering and Technology

  • Campus community through

Institute of Technology Minister of Science and Technology Association of Computer Network

  • Expertise

System Maintenance (familiar windows linux) in the first half of this year were RHCE certificate Interested in technology Information Security category, LINUX

  • Mobile Phone

15162110199 18952162142

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Wenchang, China University of Mining Institute of Applied Technology Campus 1 08 chemical classes Resume 1. Freshman during the Science and Technology Association, the Department of the computer network as a member of the Department of 2. Freshman summer learning REDHAT LINUX 3. Sophomore computer network as a hospital minister of Science and Technology Association 4. Sophomore was selected to join the party activists 5. Was passed in May this year, RHCE certification exam

  • As an open source enthusiast, FEDORA LINUX operating system can be described as is well known, its powerful performance, features popular with customers like LINUX, FEDORA Ambassador for the following main purposes:

1. You can get to know any more open source expert to share the experience of using to enrich their college life. 2. Can help promote your company, let your friends get to know more, exercise their interpersonal capabilities.

Their planning: 1. Through its own at this stage in the school to get to know students like open source, and friends formed a team to promote open source common knowledge, of course, is on the publicity Firefox browser the outstanding performance. 2. More ambassadors and other institutions to communicate with each other to achieve the knowledge and skills to improve 3. I schools where currently there is no similar student organizations, like the same over his efforts to create a fedora group, so the team as a college student organizations and even the school to become a bright spot.

Who participated in the competition on the computer aspects of training: 1.08 Lenovo joined the National Technical sea anchor election 2.09 Rising Forum participated in the training of interns 3.firefox 2010 Ambassador