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10th-May-2014 Meeting Brief

We had quite a fruitful meeting today. After the discussions following are the ToDo list which we have decided:

  • Videos lying around the web will be collected and new videos will be added to the Fedora Magazine's videos page,
  • We need more videos so we will discuss this with ask fedora team if we could have something like extra karma points for those who could submit a video as an answer(Mayorg will further discussion it with ask Fedora team)
  • Chirs will arrange the existing videos in proper cateogries on the magazine videos page
  • Nitesh & Mayorg will get some template ideas for the conference videos
  • Mayorg will find the most suitable open source tool for adding captions to the videos and will be add it's link to Fedora Videos Page
  • Put videos magazine page link in the bookmarks -(Will be further discussed in later stages)