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Creating Videos - Guidelines

  • We strongly recommend to use FOSS tools for video recording, however we understand that for some cases won't be possible. Please inform us.
  • Videos should be edited using only FOSS tools and delivered only on FOSS formats (recommenced Theora)
  • Videos must not have inappropriate language or content, and not attack other distros (Play well with others)
  • Videos can have screen-casting, pod casting or any way that help represent Fedora
  • Video licence must be CC friendly (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Sending your videos - Guidelines

  • Send only in open video formats (see Open Source Video Codecs)
  • Quality must be between XX and XX
  • You must add the following info on your mail or link when sending a video (submitting videos to the trac):
    • Full Name and Nick (Wiki profile is a plus)
    • Video profile (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
    • Tools used to record and produce this video
    • Download and preview link (last one not needed)
  • Indicate your video category from:

Video Categories

  • First Approach
    • Obtain Fedora and install Fedora
    • Fedora Live CDs
    • Fedora DVDs
    • Installation
    • Desktop overview
  • Desktop Environments
    • GNOME Desktop Environment
    • KDE Desktop Environment
    • LXDE Desktop Environment
    • Xfce Desktop Environment
    • Window Managers
  • Applications
    • Authoring and Publishing
    • Design Suite
    • Editors
    • Engineering and Scientific
    • Games and Entertainment
    • Graphical Internet
    • Graphics
    • Office/Productivity
    • Sound and Video
    • Text-based Internet
  • Development
    • Cloud
    • Development Tool(s)
    • Development Library(ies)
    • Electronic Lab
    • Fedora Eclipse
    • Fedora Packager
    • GNOME Software Development
    • Java Development
    • KDE Software Development
    • Milkymist
    • OCaml
    • Robotics
    • Web Development
    • X Software Development
  • Servers
    • DNS Name Server
    • Directory Server
    • FTP Server
    • Mail Server
    • MySQL Database
    • Network Servers
    • News Server
    • PostgreSQL Database
    • Printing Support
    • Server Configuration Tools
    • SSH Server
    • Web Server
    • Windows File Server
  • Base System
    • Administration Tools
    • Base
    • Dial-up Networking Support
    • Fonts
    • Hardware Support
    • Input Methods
    • Java
    • Legacy Fonts
    • System Tools
    • Virtualization
    • X Window System
  • Fedora SPINS
    • Games
    • Security
    • Electronic Lab
    • Robotics
    • SoaS
    • Scientific-KDE

For Further information Video Categories

Team Tasks

  • Create Videos following the guidelines and interest of the community
  • Check that the branding is being used correctly and provide recomendations
  • Motivate people to send us their videos and link Fedora-Videos on their content
  • Come up with a script for branding, such as the opening title, translations, etc
  • Check appropriated licences for media
  • Video sources MUST be available (for Fedora people and not f-people)
  • Double check for videos content (license, model release agreement)

Process of Submitting Videos

  • Make sure that the above guidelines are met.
  • Open a ticket at the trac for the video submissions.
  • Include all the required details which are mentioned above in the ticket.
  • Post about the submission with the ticket number to the mailing list.
  • Members of the team will review the submission and add the link to the wiki.

Submission Check-list for team members

  1. License is CC friendly (CC BY-SA 3.0)
  2. Video format is acceptable
  3. Recorded on Fedora operating system (could be done in a virtual environment)
  4. Content is appropriate
  5. Comment on the trac ticket
  6. Add the link to the wiki page if it satisfies above requirements

Team Requirements

  • Trac ticketing instance
  • Mailing list for discussions (which list?)