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G__81 hello everyone. Let me introduce myself.This is Balaji from India and i live in chennai. I am a software developer and i work for a telecommunication company 12:16
dash123 btw: please don't find it rude if i turn offline in another 45 mins cause my hostel lan will be out from 11:00 utc to 13:30 UTC...i'll be sure to read the logs 12:16
l0nwlf_ G__81: we'r waiting 12:16
G__81 I work on building software for routers and switches basically into protocol development. that's about me 12:16
G__81 l0nwlf_, i am just giving an introduction about myself :) 12:17
spevack G__81: carry on :) 12:17
G__81 ok today we are gonna discuss about setting up a virtual router environment in fedora 12:17
dash123 fire too from T.N 12:17
spevack introductions are very useful :) 12:17
* spevack is quiet now 12:18
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G__81 ok whats a virtual router environment. Its an environment through which you could test your router software. when i say router software it could be your module which runs on Linux 12:18
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_darkstar hello 12:19
G__81 It could also be that you have modified your Linux kernel or added functionality to your Linux kernel which would do routing or switching of IP Packets. 12:19
_darkstar how long till classes start :? 12:19
G__81 _darkstar, just started 12:19
_darkstar awesome :) 12:19
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G__81 now we rre going to convert our machine into many nodes within much we could do packet routing 12:20
l0nwlf_ router software ..what's the difference between the hardware router and this one conceptually ? 12:20
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G__81 yeah good question. 12:20
G__81 generally you have 2 planes one you have the control plane and the other data plane 12:21
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G__81 now when i say router software. It could be in 2 places it could be in your data plane as well as in control plane 12:21
G__81 the control plane basically runs some protocols which could be termed as router software 12:21
G__81 this is the software part of it 12:22
G__81 now lets say you have Linux kernel running and you have a network processor. example (Wintegra) and you could program this Network Processor to do packet routing 12:22
G__81 this is the hardware 12:23
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jcapel protocols like bgp or ospf? or other kind of protocols? 12:23
G__81 so here the software does not come into picture and since you program it in the hardware, the packet switching and routing is gonna be extremely fast 12:23
G__81 jcapel, exactly 12:23
G__81 it could be bgp, ospf,rip etc 12:23
G__81 today we are gonna look into how to setup this environment using User Mode Linux 12:24
G__81 in Fedora 12:24
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G__81 User Mode Linux could be termed as a way throuh which different Nodes are simulated and there by creating a virtual network environment 12:24
G__81 any questions till now ? 12:25
l0nwlf_ well I've one question but it's kind of off-topic 12:25
G__81 off-topic ? 12:25
l0nwlf_ well then , on a financial basis hardware routers should become extinct if software routers can make things do : why do they exist ? 12:25
G__81 l0nwlf_, its something like this it depends on the place you deploy the routers. If you have a Linux box running fedora and you deploy it in a place where you dont have too much of traffic you could get along but just imagine you place it in a place where you have extreme load 12:27
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l0nwlf_ yeah , understood 12:27
dash123 g__81: can we say we'll be basically trying to emulate the router through our computer?? 12:27
G__81 and morever if you take big networks customers would always love to have scalability . For example :: some routers allow plugging in network cards which have network processors through which your routers reach gets more and your router becomes scalable 12:28
G__81 dash123, yeah 12:28
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l0nwlf_ dash123: I think so 12:28
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G__81 dash123, routers can be visualized as computers running an OS with some more intelligence and this intelligence is given to it using routing protocols like BGP,OSPF 12:29
G__81 addition to it if you want to make your computer running Fedora Linux as a router , you could download quagga and set it up and it becomes a router 12:30
G__81 now lets now get into a little deeper 12:30
dash123 ok 12:30
G__81 to setup an User Mode Linux environment you would need the following, 12:30
G__81 you need a kernel and you need a file system 12:31
G__81 ok now let us zoom into the first part of the sentence 12:31
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G__81 the kernel: kernel could be a vanilla kernel which could be downloaded from and it could be built for User Mode Linux 12:32
G__81 or you could download a prebuilt UML kernel 12:32
G__81 now lets zoom into the second part of the sentence. 12:32
G__81 The File system: The file system is needed because when the kernel boots generally in a system, it would need a root files system and hence we provide the same for User Mode Linux too. 12:33
G__81 The file system could be either built on our own which could be highly customized or it could be downloaded from the internet too 12:33
G__81 Now why at all is a file system built generally is the question to be asked 12:34
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l0nwlf_ G__81: In my case I have Fedora-10 , kernel : 2.6.27 , I think I do not need anything seperate regarding the kernel but about File system I think I had created it during Installation phase 12:34
l0nwlf_ why File system : because in linux everything is treated as a files 12:35
G__81 lets say we are going to put Linux in an embedded device where in the space is going to be very less. what we got to do here is we need to build the file system in such a way that it takes very less space 12:35
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G__81 l0nwlf_, you would still need a kernel because the kernel that F-10 comes with is built for your system architecture i386 or 64 bit 12:36
G__81 but we need to build the kernel specifically for User Mode Linux architecture. 12:36
l0nwlf_ ok 12:37
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G__81 this is a constraint when we are using User Mode Linux but if we are going to use qemu an other emulation tool, its not mandatory that you need to build a separate kernel because all qemu looks for is a kernel image 12:37
G__81 got it ? 12:37
G__81 can i move ahead ? 12:37
l0nwlf_ yeah 12:38
cwickert yes 12:38
G__81 ok now 12:38
G__81 now lets say we want to set it up 12:38
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G__81 what we need to do is download a version of kernel from and compile it for User Mode Linux 12:39
G__81 now how do we compile a kernel for User Mode Linux 12:39
G__81 when you compile a kernel for User Mode Linux, you get a binary file instead of a kernel image, this file could be executed just like executing a ./a.out file 12:40
jcapel is this step mandatory? I take it there are no packages in Fedora for this then? 12:40
l0nwlf_ G__81: well what I downloaded now is a patch 2.6.29.bz2 :( 12:40
G__81 jcapel, you dont need any packages its only the kernel 12:41
G__81 that we need 12:41
jcapel I mean a package containing a UML compiled kernel :) 12:41
l0nwlf_ Do I need to download the new kernel 2.6.29 or 2.6.27(my architecture specific) 12:41
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G__81 jcapel, fedora as far as i know has not packaged User Mode Linux in its repo but i would advice you to download the kernel source so that you get to know how its done :) 12:42
jcapel ok! :) 12:42
G__81 l0nwlf_, you could download any kernel source. the kernel sources are not architecture dependent 12:42
G__81 its the way its built makes it architecture dependent 12:42
G__81 got it ? 12:42
G__81 can i proceed ? 12:43
l0nwlf_ yeah 12:43
jcapel yes 12:43
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G__81 and if there are any questions for which i dont know any answer i shall send it by email :) 12:43
G__81 so forgive me on that :) 12:43
G__81 ok lets proceed 12:43
G__81 now once the kernel is downloaded 12:44
G__81 you need to untar the kernel source 12:44
G__81 first 12:44
G__81 and once is unzipped, get into the kernel source directory and issue the following command 12:44
G__81 make menuconfig ARCH=um 12:44
G__81 what does this mean 12:45
dash123 user mode i guess? 12:45
G__81 this means that you are going to configure the kernel specifically for User Mode Linux 12:45
G__81 yeah dash123 right :) 12:45
l0nwlf_ is um like a keyword just mile m32 12:45
G__81 Tip: this is the way to configure a kernel for an other architecture and do a cross compilation from there on 12:45
l0nwlf_ s/mile/like/ 12:46
G__81 its a keyword 12:46
_darkstar question 12:46
G__81 and hence it has to be case sensitive 12:46
_darkstar oops wrong place 12:46
G__81 and if you forget to give ARCH=um it means that you are configuring it for your architecture which could be i386/686/AMD 12:47
G__81 got it? 12:47
G__81 _darkstar, whats the question 12:47
G__81 ok let me proceed 12:47
G__81 now once this step is done 12:48
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G__81 you would get a window in the terminal 12:48
G__81 with the kernel options 12:48
_darkstar it doesnt concern this topic sorry :) 12:48
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G__81 now those are the options that the kernel presents to you in this user mode linux architecture. so if you want to really play with the kernel in trying to know what would happen if i remove a particular option or if i add a particular option, this is the place to try it 12:49
l0nwlf_ wowww...I had always wished to , never tried yet 12:50
G__81 now you need to save the configuration that you have made when you have make ARCH=um even if you have not changed anything in the window you need to save the config. 12:50
G__81 how do you save the config ? 12:50
G__81 you could see 3 buttons 12:51
G__81 select, exit and help 12:51
jcapel it should ask when you exit, iirc 12:51
G__81 jcapel, it doent do that if you have not altered even a single option 12:51
G__81 so what you need to do is click on the save an alternate configuration file option 12:52
G__81 once you click that it shows a window where it shows .config just leave that and press OK 12:52
G__81 it means your config file is saved 12:52
G__81 now if you are really curious to know what does a kernel config file contain just do a cat of .config 12:53
G__81 cat .config and you would see the options 12:53
dash123 you did select-> save an alternate configuration file->ok 12:53
dash123 ? 12:53
G__81 yeah 12:53
dash123 ok 12:53
G__81 correct 12:53
G__81 these options are very important and here is where a distribution place an important role in setting up the system 12:54
G__81 compiling whats needed and not compiling whats not needed 12:54
G__81 this is what makes a kernel so customizable 12:54
G__81 i hope you have heard about Kernel Modules 12:55
dash123 ...will wiki it later... 12:55
G__81 Kernel Modules are loadable modules in the kernel. It gets loaded when its necessary on the fly and hence it removes the concept of restarting the system 12:55
l0nwlf_ G__81: I got some error 12:56
G__81 the device drivers in the linux kernel are written as kernel modules and hence when a device is plugged into the system the appropriate module is loaded 12:56
l0nwlf_ 12:56
G__81 l0nwlf_, whats the error 12:56
G__81 hm ok the reason is this 12:56
l0nwlf_ My kernel just downloaded i was forced to start a bit late 12:56
G__81 good that you got this error otherwise people wouldnt have known it :) 12:57
G__81 if you want to configure a kernel there are many options 12:57
G__81 one make menuconfig the others are make xconfig or make qtconfig . Now if you do make menuconfig the window that comes up needs ncurses-devel package 12:57
G__81 and hence if its not installed you would get that error 12:58
G__81 and if you do make qtconfig if you dont have qt package installed you would get an error 12:58
G__81 so l0nwlf_ you would need the package ncurses-devel package 12:58
G__81 to be installed 12:58
G__81 any questions ? 12:59
G__81 can i move ahead ? 12:59
l0nwlf_ it's being downloaded currently :) 12:59
l0nwlf_ sure 12:59
G__81 ok now 12:59
G__81 we have configured the kernel for User Mode Linux Arch and now we need to compile it 12:59
G__81 to compile it we do 12:59
G__81 make ARCH=um 12:59
G__81 and it gets compiled for the UML architecture 12:59
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G__81 again i reiterate if you dont give ARCH=um it gets compiled for the host architecture 13:00
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G__81 actually we are cross compiling the kernel for an other architecture. To give you an other example: if you have an i386 system and you want the kernel to be compiled for PPC, you would need to give make ARCH=ppc to compile it for ppc 13:01
G__81 now once the compilation is over 13:01
G__81 you would see a file called linux in the folder 13:01
G__81 that's the final binary 13:01
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* G__81 waits 13:03
* jcapel is compiling :) 13:03
* l0nwlf_ is compiling 13:03
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* dash12 's internet is down(on proxy tunneling)...will experiment later 13:04
G__81 can i proceed? 13:05
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l0nwlf_ yeah 13:05
G__81 ok fine 13:05
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jcapel yeah, still compiling, but go on 13:05
G__81 yeah not a problem 13:06
l0nwlf_ same here's still compiling but please move ahead 13:06
G__81 you could do it and incase you have a problem later you could send me an email i could help you out 13:06
l0nwlf_ thanks 13:06
dash12 ok...proceed 13:06
G__81 ok now once the compilation is done you would see a binary file called linux in your folder 13:07
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G__81 this is the binary that would be used to start User Mode Linux 13:07
G__81 now how do we start UML we need a filesystem 13:07
G__81 today i shall talk on how to get this up and runnin i could give have a separate session on how to build an embedded file system 13:07
G__81 for Linux 13:08
G__81 now to get a file system you could download a file system which is pre built 13:08
l0nwlf_ how and where .. do e get inbuilt file system just like kernel 13:08
G__81 13:09
G__81 download it from that link 13:09
G__81 wow........ its got f 10 itself :) 13:09
G__81 download either the x86 or x64 one 13:09
G__81 if your host is x86 dowload the x86 version 13:10
G__81 so your environment would be in sync with the host 13:10
G__81 got it ? 13:10
G__81 now once the file system is downloaded and once the kernel is also built 13:11
G__81 we need to run the first virtual instance 13:11
G__81 how 13:11
G__81 the following is the way 13:11
... signoff!#fedora-classroom -> stephanhuiser("leaving") 13:11
l0nwlf_ well can you just tell a little bit more about inbuilt FS 13:13
G__81 yeah sure 13:13
G__81 whats a prebuilt FS 13:13
l0nwlf_ I was amazed seeing this fedora inbuilt FS 13:13
G__81 its actually not in built. its pre built fs :) 13:14
l0nwlf_ oops , sorry :) 13:14
G__81 what generally happens is this 13:14
G__81 this pre built fs is again created by a person 13:14
G__81 so what he would have done is this 13:15
G__81 he would have created a raw file system using a tool and you would need to format that file system for either ext2 or ext3 once its done 13:15
G__81 you get a file system 13:15
G__81 and of course you need to mention the space you would need 13:16
G__81 lets say 13:16
G__81 you need 3 Gig of file system you can create a raw file using dd command and then format it using mkfs command and you get the file system for 3 Gig 13:16
G__81 so you have 3 Gig of space in that file 13:16
G__81 now once you do that you would need some basic tools in that file system right ? 13:17
G__81 otherwise the linux kernel cannot boot 13:17
l0nwlf_ yeah 13:17
G__81 the very basic stuff atleast 13:17
dash12 tools like the grub in fedora?? 13:18
jcapel kernel done :) 13:18
G__81 there is a tool called busybox 13:18
G__81 anyone heard of it ? 13:18
jcapel yes 13:18
cwickert yes 13:18
spevack G__81: just wanted to remind you of the time, though the :30 class is also yours :) 13:18
l0nwlf_ my kernel compilation failed :( 13:18
ranna query: the person would have created a raw file system...... can you exact steps.. i mean the website link, if any you know 13:18
ranna like you gave for pre-builf FS :) 13:19
jcapel slightly offtopic: i've now got a vmlinux and linux file, are these the same? 13:19
G__81 busybox is a software which is used on 90 % of the embedded devices with which you can create a basic file system with necessary tools 13:19
G__81 spevack, yeah sure thanks :) 13:19
l0nwlf_ "cannot find -lutil" 13:20
G__81 ranna, i am not sure of a link but if you would want a way to use busybox and create a file system i could write a wiki page on it in fedora unity and can send out that link to you 13:20
dash12 lease do...wud be interested to know 13:21
dash12 *please 13:21
G__81 yeah sure :) 13:21
jcapel l0nwlf_: yum groupinstall "Development Tools" should give you everything you need 13:21
jcapel although it's probably just one package 13:21
ranna sure g_81, thank you 13:21
... join!#fedora-classroom -> mharris(n=mharris@fedora/mharris) 13:22
jcapel that's missing, that is 13:22
dash12 ok so what is busybox 13:22
l0nwlf_ jcapel: thanks 13:22
jcapel l0nwlf_: after that just make ARCH=um again, should pick up where it got stuck 13:22
G__81 busybox is an utility through which you can create an embedded file system with basic utilities like you would have rpm command and other stuff installed if you want you could also have deb installed 13:23
l0nwlf_ Development tool is getting installed 13:23
G__81 hence by this way you create a file system from scratch 13:23
G__81 when i say embedded file system i mean a file system which is so less in space 13:23
... signoff!#fedora-classroom -> openpercept(Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) 13:23
zer0c00l G_81: ramdisk? 13:23
G__81 and thats how you see linux runs on almost all devices 13:23
... join!#fedora-classroom -> LynuxDevil(n=LynuxDev@unaffiliated/ferret0567/x-681468) 13:24
G__81 no not a ramdisk ramdisk is non volatile 13:24
G__81 basically 13:24
LynuxDevil ok 13:24
... join!#fedora-classroom -> openpercept(n=openperc@unaffiliated/openpercept) 13:24
G__81 zer0c00l, i ll give you an example 13:24
zer0c00l ok 13:24
... signoff!#fedora-classroom -> kulll(Connection timed out) 13:25
G__81 zer0c00l, lets say you have 5 MB of space in your embedded device and you have customized your kernel compilation so that it occupies so less space say some 2 MB and now you need to have a file system for 3 MB you cannot create it with general tools 13:25
... join!#fedora-classroom -> sherry151(i=75c20672@gateway/web/ajax/ 13:25
zer0c00l G__81, ok 13:26
LynuxDevil hello 13:26
LynuxDevil I am a Linux user for 3+ years, and a Windows user since age 4, 5, or 6. I am now 15 13:26
G__81 you would need a file system with basic utilities for 3 MB and this needs to be done by some utility which gives you a stripped version of the image of all the commands like ls, date, find, grep etc 13:26
G__81 thats what busybox does for you 13:26
LynuxDevil ah...NVRAM fun stuff! 13:26
G__81 so in 5 MB you will have the kernel + your File system running in your device 13:26
l0nwlf_ kool 13:26
LynuxDevil so...any other instructions for me? 13:27
spevack G__81: 3 minutes until the next class 13:27
G__81 if you guys want a separate session on busybox i can do it for you 13:27
jcapel before we're out of time, once I have this kernel and FS-image, how do I start it? 13:27
G__81 yeah sure 13:27
spevack G__81: but there is no one after you, so there's flexibility :) 13:27
G__81 yeah thanks spevack :) 13:28
jcapel by the way, I find this very interesting, so thanks. :) 13:28
G__81 ./linux ubd0=your_File_System mem=1024M 13:28
G__81 this would get your UML stuff started 13:28
G__81 if you want it be more clear 13:28
G__81 lets say your kernel binary is in /home/xxx/kernel 13:29
G__81 you could give 13:29
G__81 /home/xxx/kernel/linux ubd0=File_System_path/File_system 13:29
G__81 the file system which you would have downloaded would be a tar file so you need to uncompress it first 13:29
jcapel do I need to run this as root, or will any user with the privileges on that file system do? 13:29
LynuxDevil UML...mmmmm.... 13:29
G__81 jcapel, thanks :) 13:30
LynuxDevil is UML faster than VirtualBox? 13:30
... join!#fedora-classroom -> yosii( 13:30
G__81 you dont need to be a super user 13:30
LynuxDevil yeah 13:30
G__81 LynuxDevil, yeah its 13:30
LynuxDevil yeah 13:30
LynuxDevil but is it faster? 13:30
LynuxDevil it is? 13:30
G__81 yes 13:30
G__81 LynuxDevil, but generally selecting a proper virtualization tool depends on what you want to do 13:31
jcapel cool, it's running :) 13:31
G__81 jcapel, hey great :) 13:31
spevack for those who are here for Introduction to Netlink Sockets, we'll be starting in a few minutes. The previous class is just finishing up 13:31
G__81 do you get the fedora prompt ? 13:31
LynuxDevil G__81: oh, servers 13:31
LynuxDevil G__81: Maybe play a little game now and then 13:32
LynuxDevil G__81: nothing serious 13:32
l0nwlf_ An error occurred while extracting files. (null) 13:32
jcapel G__81: I get dropped into a shell 13:32
G__81 yeah 13:32
G__81 now this is the first step 13:32
jcapel it's complaining about a missing modules.dep though 13:33
G__81 spevack, can i extend this session or should i stop it now and continue this as part 2 later ? 13:33
G__81 jcapel, yeah we could correct it though 13:33
G__81 just create a directory in the path it says 13:33
G__81 /lib/modules/2.6/29/modules.dep 13:33
G__81 just create this 13:33
G__81 and it should stop complaining :) 13:33
LynuxDevil oh, let's have a class on using and configuring GNU Screen, including starting it up on login with a script if it's safe as to not mess up SCP/SFTP/RSYNC over SSH 13:34
jcapel touching it is enough? 13:34
G__81 yeah its enough 13:34
LynuxDevil I love GNU SCreen 13:34
spevack G__81: i think you should see who is here for Netlink Sockets 13:34
LynuxDevil show people what you can do with it 13:34
G__81 create the directories and do a touch of modules.dep 13:34
spevack G__81: and ask them what they prefer 13:34
LynuxDevil I am here for Netlink Sockets 13:34
LynuxDevil It's some kernel <-> Userspace communication thing, right? 13:34
G__81 yeah 13:35
spevack anyone else for Netlink Sockets? And do you mind waiting until :45 to start? 13:35
jcapel G__81: worked, great. I had to do a mount -o remount,rw / for that first 13:35
* dash12 is happy as long as he gets the logs of this class so no problem with extending 13:35
mharris I'm here to lurk on Netlink Sockets, but don't care what time it starts as I don't have to be anywhere :) 13:35
spevack LynuxDevil: is it ok if we delay the start a little bit? 13:35
jcapel and had to mount /proc as well, but seems to be functioning now :) 13:35
G__81 yeah great :) 13:36
spevack G__81: i say, just carry on. But tell us what time you think you want to start Netlink Sockets 13:36
LynuxDevil spevack: absolutely 13:36
LynuxDevil I am just hanging out :) 13:36
* zer0c00l please update this class is irc , i missed first 15 mins :( 13:36
spevack zer0c00l: we'll post logs 13:36
zer0c00l ok 13:36
LynuxDevil like...Listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic :) 13:36
G__81 spevack, i guess we could start at 11:45 UTC 13:36
mharris What's that in universal time? 13:37
mharris ie: EST :) 13:37
LynuxDevil or CST? 13:37
* mharris runs 13:37
... join!#fedora-classroom -> toxa(n=toxa@ 13:37
LynuxDevil oh, CDT 13:37
LynuxDevil s/oh/or/ 13:37
zer0c00l date -u gives u time in utc mharris 13:37
LynuxDevil oh 13:37
G__81 ok now coming back to UML 13:37
mharris zer0c00l: I'm kidding... I know UTC ;) 13:37
LynuxDevil I forgot 13:37
G__81 jcapel, what you have got is the first step 13:37
LynuxDevil nrb 13:37
LynuxDevil brb* 13:38
mharris I just like to think the world revolves around EST rather than UTC :) 13:38
LynuxDevil mharris: it never did :) 13:38
spevack ok, netlink sockets will start in 7 minutes then :) 13:38
G__81 now to come out of user mode linux you need to do power off in the UML shell and you get out of UML 13:38
LynuxDevil oh, does anybody know how to get Amarok 2 to play MP3s? 13:38
l0nwlf_ G__81: for some reasons I'm not able to extract filesystem 13:38
jcapel I hate to be asking this, but could we limit the offtopic-chatter please? 13:38
G__81 l0nwlf_, can you download it again ? 13:39
LynuxDevil can we have a sort session on configuring all supported Fedora to be able to play DVD, rip DVD, MP3, and AAC? 13:39
LynuxDevil jcapel: I want it to be a class 13:39
LynuxDevil it's one of my pet peeves about Fedora 13:39
LynuxDevil nothing special, just a short class would be much appreciated 13:39
l0nwlf_ G__81: yeah , sure 13:39
LynuxDevil like, before this starts 13:39
mharris LynuxDevil: Probably legal issues with Fedora giving classes on how to use legally grey software. :) 13:39
LynuxDevil mharris: I wouldn't worry about that 13:40
LynuxDevil mharris: MP3 is not grey 13:40
LynuxDevil mharris: MP3 creators said OK 13:40
mharris Nor would I. The Fedora Project however... 13:40
LynuxDevil mharris: so there you go 13:40
mharris Not the place to have a legal debate. 13:40
spevack guys, please don't chat over the class that G__81 is runnin :) 13:40
LynuxDevil it's perfectly legal 13:40
jcapel G__81: what would the next steps be to launch this in a background? do you usually launch this in a screen? 13:40
LynuxDevil even encoding 13:40
spevack let's save suggestions for future classes for a break in the sessions 13:40
* mharris agrees with spevack ... the discussion should move to #fedora-social 13:40
LynuxDevil alright 13:40
spevack or add them to Classroom 13:40
ranna G_81... proceed with your class 13:41
LynuxDevil I will add 13:41
G__81 jcapel, yeah you would need a screen so that you could configure your IP addresses etc and could have host connectivity 13:41
G__81 if everyone is clear till this step 13:41
G__81 i can proceed to the next one 13:41
jcapel ok! 13:42
LynuxDevil mharris: , G__81 , spevack : I need a Feodra Wiki account please 13:42
l0nwlf_ I'll need the log though 13:42
LynuxDevil I only want legal stuff to be in this class 13:42
G__81 now i am going to take up the next step of having host connectivity with UML 13:43
LynuxDevil G__81: ok 13:43
l0nwlf_ LynuxDevil: Can you please STOP CHATTING 13:43
G__81 thats what i mean here 13:43
LynuxDevil G__81: I am perfectly clear 13:43
LynuxDevil l0nwlf_: it's related to the classroom 13:43
jcapel LynuxDevil: not to the currently running class, please save discussing future sessions for after classes finish 13:43
G__81 lets say you have UML running and you have an IP address configured in UML instance eg: and now you want to do a ping from your host to the User Mode Linux instance 13:43
jcapel or another channel 13:43
G__81 how do you do it ? 13:43
G__81 this is the interesting stuff 13:43
G__81 download the uml utilities from this link 13:44
G__81 13:44
LynuxDevil yes, please tell us G__81 13:44
LynuxDevil G__81: does Fedora 10 include a package for those? Or RPMFusion? 13:44
G__81 i guess UML utilities is packaged 13:45
G__81 once you download it and unzip it 13:45
G__81 do make to compile the package and then do sudo make install 13:46
G__81 to install the package 13:46
G__81 meanwhile i ll tell you why do you need this uml utilities 13:46
G__81 UML utilities package contains some utilities to setup networking between the host and the UML instance 13:46
... join!#fedora-classroom -> fcami(n=fcami@fedora/fcami) 13:46
jcapel ok, how do I configure my UML instance to have an IP address? I don't have "ip" or "ifconfig" in it 13:46
G__81 you dont have ifconfig command itself ? 13:47
jcapel nope 13:47
jcapel oh I do, /sbin/ifconfgi 13:47
G__81 did you look in as root ? 13:47
jcapel just not in PATH 13:47
LynuxDevil \hold on G__81 13:47
G__81 yeah 13:47
G__81 sure 13:47
LynuxDevil let me download an new UML, I know how to compile it 13:47
LynuxDevil a new 13:48
LynuxDevil ...UML... 13:48
G__81 the networking connectivity between the host and the User Mode Linux gets done using the concept of TUN and TAP devices 13:48
LynuxDevil yes 13:49
G__81 have you all compiled and installed uml utilities ? 13:49
LynuxDevil I heard that 13:49
LynuxDevil I installed the package 13:49
jcapel I used the package 13:49
LynuxDevil I am not going to use a compile thing 13:49
LynuxDevil only for my UML 13:49
G__81 jcapel, used it ? 13:49
... leave!#fedora-classroom -> fcami("gone") 13:49
... join!#fedora-classroom -> Adi1981( 13:49
jcapel well, installed 13:49
jcapel yum install uml_utilities 13:49
G__81 ok good now 13:49
... join!#fedora-classroom -> dgrift_( 13:49
G__81 just check in the command line whether you have a command called tunctl 13:50
LynuxDevil mmm...can I compile a UML for ARM on x86? 13:50
G__81 UML itself is a separate architecture 13:50
G__81 so it does not know what it runs on 13:50
jcapel yes, I have tunctl 13:50
G__81 good so its installed 13:50
LynuxDevil ok, well, I just need to compile a ARM binary for it 13:50
LynuxDevil to do that on Fedora 10? 13:50
l0nwlf_ nope 13:50
l0nwlf_ not installed 13:50
LynuxDevil I just want to test ARM UML on x86 13:51
LynuxDevil just for fun 13:51
G__81 l0nwlf_, whats the error ? 13:51
LynuxDevil l0nwlf_: install the package uml_utilites 13:51
l0nwlf_ ok 13:51
G__81 or let me know the compilation error i ll solve it 13:51
... signoff!#fedora-classroom -> sherry151(" ajax IRC Client") 13:51
l0nwlf_ It aws simply 'bash: tunctl: command not found' 13:52
G__81 did you do sudo make install? 13:52
G__81 of the uml utilities 13:52
G__81 i think its not installed then 13:52
l0nwlf_ I'm installing uml_utilities 13:52
G__81 ok now after installation 13:52
G__81 we need to do add few more params in the User Mode Linux command 13:53
G__81 let us add it to enable networking functionality 13:53
LynuxDevil kernel almost done downloading 13:53
... signoff!#fedora-classroom -> dash12(" ajax IRC Client") 13:53
LynuxDevil l0nwlf_: that should do it 13:53
G__81 /home/xxx/linux-2.6.28/linux ubd0=File_system mem=1024M eth0=tuntap,,, 13:54
G__81 you see the new parameters eth0=tuntap,,, 13:54
LynuxDevil rr...more ram would be nice 13:54
LynuxDevil grr... 13:54
G__81 i guess there is a limit i guess you could go upto 2 gig i believe but not sure 13:54
G__81 you could probably try it 13:55
G__81 now once you add those parameters and start User Mode Linux 13:55
G__81 you would get the UML shell and log into the shell using root as the user name 13:55
G__81 then do 13:55
G__81 ifconfig eth0 up in User Mode Linux 13:55
G__81 type ifconfig 13:55
G__81 check whether the ip address is configured 13:56
G__81 now in your host you would see a new interface thats got created by name tap0 13:56
G__81 do ifconfig in the host and see there would be a new interface that would have got created 13:56
G__81 with IP 13:56
G__81 now try a ping from the host to UML ping 13:56
G__81 you should get ping responses 13:57
* G__81 waits 13:57
cwickert works4me 13:57
LynuxDevil's already past next class start time 13:58
LynuxDevil that's fine, I'm just saying 13:58
G__81 cwickert, ping works ? 13:58
LynuxDevil I am getting the Linux extracted 13:58
cwickert G__81: yes 13:58
G__81 great 13:58
spevack G__81: I think we need to take a 5 minute break for you, and start the next class at :05, and invite these folks back after the next class to continue, if they want to 13:59
LynuxDevil Pentium 4 POS....hey, you guys should use pbzip2 on a multiple CPU machine, it's faster than bzip2 and seems to work well 13:59
G__81 so this is the basic environment though there are more options and tweaks too and you could create a topology too 13:59
LynuxDevil alright... yes spevack 13:59
LynuxDevil G__81: let's go to the next class, chop chop please :) 14:00
G__81 if you want more sessions on UML and if you feel this was useful and interesting you could let me know i could take up 14:00
LynuxDevil G__81: I do 14:00
cwickert G__81: yes please 14:00
spevack G__81: this was a fantastic class -- any class that can run 30 extra minutes is a good one :) 14:00
jcapel please, this was really interesting :) thanks a lot 14:00
LynuxDevil thank you very much G__81 for your knowledge and your help! 14:00

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