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This page is for configuring Wacom tablets to work in Fedora 15 and will likely become depricated with future releases as the GNOME 3 team is currently working on a GUI configuration for it which will be found in the system settings. However, until then, this page should help you set up your Wacom tablet to your liking fairly easily within GNOME 3's settings manager.

In GNOME 3, configuration for Wacom tablets has been built in and you may notice that following guides which have you set up your options in the 50-wacom.conf file only ends in your settings mysteriously going away once you log in, or your pen buttons randomly not working. In order to fix this behaviour, install dconf-editor either through add/remove software or yum in the command line. After that, hit Alt+F2 and enter in dconf-editor in order to open it.

From there, go to org -> gnome -> settings-daemon -> peripherals -> wacom. From there you can set rotation for left-handed orientation (half) or whatnot, and other options. You may also have to select the tablet-pc-button option in order to get the side buttons on the stylus or other buttons to work (tested with a Bamboo Pen).

Screenshot-Configuration Editor.png