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DRAFT: Changes to Package Review Process to use Flags

This needs to be integrated with the Package Review process page.

Temporary Location of Review status (Christian is now working on making this auto-generate to a static HTML page instead.)

fedora-review (BLANK) Not Reviewed Yet
fedora-review ? Review in Progress (also set ASSIGNED to the reviewer)
fedora-review - Rejected with Reason, ASSIGNED to owner, must fix before proceeding
fedora-review + Review APPROVED. ASSIGNED to owner.

  • Package reviews begin ASSIGNED to
  • ASSIGNED is to whoever needs to take action next.
  • (SCENARIO) Reviewer points out problems that require the owner to fix before proceeding in the review. Then set ASSIGNED to owner.
  • (SCENARIO) Reviewer is working on a package review, and wants to signify that other people shouldn't conflict with his/her work. Set ASSIGNED to reviewer.
  • (SCENARIO) After APPROVED, set ASSIGNED to package owner. DO NOT CLOSE.
Until we have a replacement build system for the merged Fedora, continue to check in the review suggested fixes into Core CVS and build like usual into rawhide. After it is APPROVED, just leave the ticket open. We will close these after the new buildsystem is online.